Sherry vs Cooking Sherry

cookie8February 21, 2009

Is there a difference between Sherry and Cooking Sherry. I usually buy whatever is in the grocery store (which is Cooking Sherry). I sent my husband shopping and he bought Classic Cream Canadian Sherry (from the liquor mart). Is this the same thing. Thanks. Excuse the lack of question marks but my computer is stuck on the French mode!

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No, it's not the same, and neither one is what you ususally want in a recipe that uses sherry. Cooking sherry is to be avoided at all costs. It's very salty, very inferior. No one would ever drink it.
Cream sherry can be good quality or poor quality, like any wine, but it is sweet. Unless you are making a dessert, you would not use cream sherry unless a recipe specifies it. Dry or medium-dry sherry is what you want for cooking.

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I was just at Trader Joe's yesterday and bought a bottle of Pale Dry Sherry to use for cooking. This one is Real Tesoro produced and bottled in Spain. It was only 4.99.


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I looked this up because I was curious. Here's a link with suggestions.
So in French mode the question mark key becomes an E with an acute accent... and there is no question mark? Then how do you ask a question in French?

Here is a link that might be useful: switching keyboard from French mode

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Well, that sounds about right for me - having two choice but both of them being wrong:(. Double thanks Christine. Wizardnm, we don`t have Trader Joes here, I do see it mentioned a lot on this forum though. Anyways, after my husband exchanges my sherry, how long is it good for once opened. thanks again.

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You may be wondering about the purpose of cooking sherry. It's made undrinkable so it can be sold in grocery stores in states where grocery stores can't sell alcoholic beverages.

Sherry will last indefinitely when opened, unless someone in the house has a taste for it.


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also, you do not pay alcohol tax on cooking cherry, cooking wine, because it is not drinkable. I know that many people do not like to use cooking this or that but I find that as long as I do not add additional salt that is called for in the recipe, the cooking ones work out very well and are extremely affordable :)

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And, cream sherry will do very well for cooking if you have no cocktail sherry.....and in some things like a custard it's preferable. Just be aware that cream sherry is sweeter than cocktail sherry and adjust accordingly. The difference would be akin to using a riesling instead of a chablis for a white wine in cooking.
Also sherry does deteriorate with age after it's been opened....but it lasts lots longer than non fortified wines do. But I think that for a $5 bottle of sherry you might be hard pressed to know if it's been opened a while, but a sherry enthusiast might well notice last week's Amontillado.
Linda C

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I just always considered cheap dry sherry "cooking sherry". I never saw a bottle that actually said "cooking sherry". I don't like sherry, sweet or dry, as far as having to drink it - even when it costs something. Except in the case of a nuclear winter, then I think maybe the sherry would be consumed but it would be the last of the choices.


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