Recs for gas fireplace that will give off a good amount of heat

Kristen HallockSeptember 16, 2007

The gas fireplace that was installed in our house when we bought it is awful. It doesn't blow any heat out. We'd like to replace it with something that will give off some good heat. Any recommendations?

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Sounds like a builder selected fp. I have the same situation. Its only rated as 57% efficient.
I installed a gas stove for my basement and couldn't be more pleased with the warmed it provides. Anyway, I realize stoves don't suite everyones taste.

I would shop for a higher efficiency fp. I'm sure if you do some searches on this site you'll find some helpful recommendations.


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We had a Regency U32 installed yesterday and are in love... I think it's has a 75% efficiency rating. We originally wanted the larger unit that has a efficiency rating in the 80s but it was too large for our fireplace.

Here is a link that might be useful: U32 Fireplace

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The heat you need will depend largely on the size of your room and whether or not it is open to other areas. General rule of thumb (also depends on region) is around 60-80 BTu's per square foot. Most Gas units made today are ~75% efficiant.

IMO, Heat & Glo makes some of the best gas units. ( should have a dealer locater).

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