New American Leather Sofa- Stiff feeling

sparklieeMarch 16, 2013

We just received our new American Leather "Gisselle" sofa bed in green sage micro fiber type fabric, I'm sitting on it writing this. Please tell me the cushions, back and seat are going to soften up!!! It all feels very upright and stiff right now


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I suggest if its not comfortable for you, then return the sofa back to the store. And find one that is comfortable.

Cushions will soften slightly, in the first week of sitting on them. After this if they continue to soften then you have a poor quality sofa that will only get worse.

Their are so many previous posts in the forum that talks about how to buy a quality sofa. Please try the search function.

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The sofa is the "Madison" in micro fiber. Returning it is really not an option because the store will keep 25 percent of the selling price. At close to $3000 that is a chunk of change the store will get to keep.

I simply wanted to know if the seat and back cushions are going to relax. Ida's hoping someone with the same sofa (Madison). Would respond.

Thank you for your suggestion.


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Spakliee most sofa cushions do have a break in period of anywhere from 1-3 months. I would give it some time and I think you will find the comfort will improve substantially. You might also try putting the cushions on the floor covering the cushions with a blanket and walking on them periodically to hasten the break in period. Quite frankly it is better to start with a cushion that is a little firmer to start with and softens with use rather than a cushion that is softer to begin with and flattens out within a year or two.

If this fails and I don't think it will contact the manufacturer and ask them if they have some other cushion options. You might actually ask them this now so your concern has be identified and you might also ask them for suggestions.

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A 25% return fee, ouch! im sorry Sparkilee, but can I ask why you decided to purchase this specific sofa from American leather? Was it something about the sofa or the company?

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We purchased the "Madison" for our living room as a place to sit, and as an extra bed for occasional company. I assume that is why most people buy a sofa bed. We liked the rolled arms on the "Madison". And the micro fabric. Nice sage green color. The sofa in the store was nice. I have now decided to take Freethinkers advice. I just walked on the cushions. I will do this until the feel softer. Plus it's good exercise! :o)

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Sorry sparkliee, my question actually concerned purchasing a sofa from a store or manufacturer that had a policy of charging a 25% return fee if their not satisfied, verses purchasing a sofa from a company with no return fee, basically saying that by their goal is to have 100% satisfied customer.

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Is it common for stores/manufacturers to accept returns on custom furniture? It has been my experience that once ordered, it's yours as long as it's not defective.

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Defective and deceitful, this is how I would describe when someone purchases a sofa from a company that advertises that their cushions are high density foam, when in actuality their standard polyurethane foam no more than 1.8 density, advertise frames are hardwood, when actually their pine plywood. Manufacturers like this has a return policy that reflected their business ethics, and penalizing their customers, because they cant stand behind their products. And yes their are a few good manufacturers that know they are putting out the best product and happily stand behind it with a 100% money back guarantee if anyone is not satisfied. And this includes custom upholstery.

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sparkliee, how are you finding your American Leather sofa bed? Are you happier with the cushions? How about the bed aspect?

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I want to interject. I bought an AU sleeper in 2010 from Macys. Within months the plastic inserts that the bed glided on to open up were cracking. I called macy's and they sent a guy....he said they WERE defective. When I called Macy's for a follow up they said they would not honor a warranty.

I then contacted AU and they sent someone out and they did replace these plastic inserts which soon cracked AGAIN!

I have noticed while furniture shopping now that AU has changed their design to metal springs instead of these plastic inserts.

But I have to say, the stitching on my sofa started to come undone by 2012. I ended up throwing the sofa out and getting a new one.

But I will tell you this...while dismantling the sofa for the garbage i noticed that the frame WAS made of plywood NOT hardwood like they claim.

I would never buy an AU piece, again!

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Reagrding the frame they are actually doing what many--most-- upholstery manufacturers do. What they are saying is true but misleading. American uses hardwood frames, hardwood plywood frames but the word plywood is not included in the description. It also can be called manufacturered hardwood.

They would be better of talking abou the merits of their frame rather than trying to disguise it with this slip of the tongue.

In any event 5/4 solid hardwood is preferable. It has greater torsion strength and it will last much longer.

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I have had an American Leather sofa bed in the queen size for about 6 weeks and I am finding it very comfortable. It is in the extra room so it was mainly purchased for the occasional family get togethers to extend seating and for the rare over night guest. My 6'4" son slept on it one night and loved it. He was home from college for the night. When I was sick for 3-4 days I spent a lot of time laying on the sofa and reading. I loved the comfort. I have not laid on the bed though. I have the couch in leather and it seams well put together.

It was tremendously expensive so I hope this will last for many years to come.

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American does make some nice looking products. Their tailoring is good as well as their leather and upholstery selections.

Construction wise as noted previously a 5/4 hardwood frame would be better.

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