Please help! Hancock & Moore + Herman Miller = What Office Chair

wearybuilderMarch 29, 2009

We are desperate to find a good office chair. We thought we wanted Hancock & Moore. DH tried a few styles at a local furniture store and was very disappointed that he didn't feel like his lower back had much support.

So, we decided we should look at ergonomic-type chairs like Herman Miller. DH kinda liked the Mirra and the Aeron, but wasn't shouting "hooray! Let's take 2!"

So, can anyone out there help us with either a Hancock & Moore style that has nice lower back support (and good seating area); OR any other tips besides what we've tried?

If it matters, we're trying to fit both of us if possible and we are in the 5'10-6' range and in the upper 200 lbs.

Thanks for your help!

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Do you have a used office furniture dealer near you. I have a Steelcase Think Chair that I believe runs hundreds, for $75. Ergonomic and very comfortable. I'm not petite, either.

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I have not one, but two of these H*M desk chairs. One at home, and one at my office. Perfect for me, but YMMV.

Here is a link that might be useful: H&M Desk Chair

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OP here...

goldgirl: I'll have to double check--good idea!

collector: Thanks! I'll run it past DH. It's hard to fork out lots of $$$$ for a chair you haven't sat on personally.

What do you think of the idea of getting a HM chair, and having a small pillow at the back?

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H&M will custom make a lumbar pillow for you on request, or can actually customize the chair and add padding in the lower back. But you really do want to try out a stock one first, before customizing one. I ordered mine sight unseen (the first one) and thought it good enough to get a second one for home, but your husband may be looking for a particular fit.

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