Difference visually between 1/8 and 3/16 grout joints?

joep_2009February 25, 2010

We're thinking 1/8 but the installer is suggesting 3/16 tile spacers. Is there a noticeable difference? The recommended grout joint for our tile is 3-4 mm (1/8) but if there isn't a lot of difference, we would just go with what the installer is comfortable with.

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1/8th will give you a cleaner looking the floor. Is the tile rectified? If so, 1/8th should be a breeze.

If the tile is not rectified, then 3/16ths will give him more play for out of whack tiles, as well as for lippage.

I never use spacers on a floor, I always grid the floor and work off the grid. With non-rectified tiles, the tiles may not be perfectly uniform in size. Slight variations in tile size, coupled with rigid tile spacer, can throw a grout line off a tad over the course of tiling a floor.

And obviously use sanded grout when grouting.

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You know I think it just might be rectified. I just took out 3 boxes and layed them out. All the tiles are the same size. These are 18x18 but when I measured them they were 17.5x17.5. I believe the rectified ones are usually slightly smaller, am I right?

It's funny if these are indeed rectified. If the salesman had mentioned that, I would have felt much better about what I paid for them.

I'm going to ask for the 1/8th.

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If the box doesn't say rectified it's not rectified. There is no standard on tile rectification and it should state it on the box anyways no matter what country it comes from. The tile edges could be wonky and also differ in sizes if it's a basic non-rectified tile. You also need to take into consideration how Flat the tile is because a bowed or cupped tile with an 1/8" joint would be a lippage nightmare. A 3/16" grout joint with a basic non-rectified tile is perfect! Don't pressure your installer to do a joint you want when the tile cant be set with it. That's looking for problems right there. good luck.

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