different flooring in bedrooms?

drcindyFebruary 20, 2011

Do you think it would look funny/bad to have different flooring in the bedrooms? I have 3 bedrooms upstairs. 2 1/2 years ago, I replaced/upgraded the carpet in the master bedroom and hallway only. (It's just me and hubby.) The other 2 bedrooms have the original 1998 builder's grade carpet in them. Although they're not in horrible condition, they look pretty shabby with no pile compared to the new plush carpet. One of the bedrooms is set up as a guest BD with a twin bed and dresser. The other one is used by me very regularly as an exercise room. There's no exercise equipment in it, as I do aerobics and stuff with DVD's. That same room is used 3-4 times a year as a guest bedroom for my in-laws. We bring out a blow up bed for them.

I just went to a home show yesteday and love the idea of cork flooring in my exercise room. It's resilient, anti-bacterial, etc. I know that if I put carpet in there, it would easily wear down with my constant aerobic activity. Would that look funny to do cork in the 2 bedrooms? A vendor suggested just doing cork in my exercise room, but I thought that may look worse with just one bedroom in a different flooring. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I think it would look fine to have cork just in the exercise bedroom. If it were me, I'd probably continue the new carpeting from the hallway into the other bedroom or else get the same carpeting in a contrasting color.

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