Dip in subfloor, can it hurt my Laminate?

plaza80February 8, 2011

I thought I checked my subfloor throughly but after I installed the whole kitchen I notice a section that has a big dip. It is not a small and deep dip, it's a wide dip and about 2x3 feet wide. Enough for you to feel like you might lose balance. When stepping on the lamite, you can see it flex down.

Problem is I got half my cabinets installed already. It startin to bug me but I don't want to undo the whole thing since it is on the other side of where I finished. Is there another alternative to fixing it? Or should I just kick myself in the head and redo it. A little pain now will be less pain in the future some say.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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the flexing will in time cause the laminate to crack or chip on the ends. If you know where the prolem is and avoid it you may avoid a problem but normally a dip will over time cause some sort of damage to the flooring.

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If you have a good locking system on the laminate, you will be ok in my opinion. there are specs to what the allowable dip may be and I believe you exceed the limit, but I believe you will be fine. Much of the flex will dissipate in time as the laminate floor will actually conform to it some. I have seen unbelievable flex with laminates that are now many nears old and two things have happened. 1) the laminate did not break down at all 2) Much of the flex is gone...Good Luck

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I have pergo laminate flooring. I hope in time it'll warp just a bit with the subfloor but not damage the locking ends. I talked to one of my coworker and he too thinks I should be fine but it's hard for people to determine if they haven't seen it.

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