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lilypad22May 5, 2006

I found an auction site just for african violets - that's a flower. It is free to sell violet leaves, plants and african violet related items only. My question is receiving payment. The payment is totally up to me to collect. I know paypal charges a transaction fee, but I don't know how much. If I ask for money orders only, where do I cash them and do they charge to cash them. Could they be deposited in a checking account like a check. Also on ebay some people don't want Postal money orders (is this the ones purchased at the post office?) why wouldn't one want those? I would be selling leaves, so the amount of a transaction would be less than $5.00 for the buyer..I don't want to loose the little I would make after the postage, so I don't want to have to pay extra to get the money. Any ideas out there? Thanks, tish

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I've received money orders for items I've sold and don't recall ever having to pay a fee to deposit them in my checking account. They're like any other check in that regard. A money order will costs the sender somewhere between a few cents and a dollar, which discourages M.O.s for small purchases like yours.

I'm not sure why some people don't like accepting Postal money orders other than the fact that, if there are disputes or shenanigans that go on with the payment or the goods, the Postal Service treats it as mail fraud, which is a very serious charge. I don't think other M.O.s offer that much protection. And that's why I always send Postal money orders when I have the choice.

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The reason many people won't accept money order now is that they have been counterfeited. Cashier's checks are also not always safe.

From "Apr 29, 2005 -- Beware of phony money orders!
Over the past four years, Clark has gotten lots of phone calls about phony cashierÂs check scams. But over the past four months, those calls have been replaced by questions about a new counterfeit scam that has taken its place. Starting about Thanksgiving of last year, calls started coming into the show about phony money orders. Basically, criminals are using phony money orders to buy items through classified ads, on eBay and from retailers, and the phony forms look perfect. The New York Times published a comparison graphic recently that showed a legitimate USPS money order next to a fake one and they looked exactly the same. The reason cashierÂs checks and money orders are so popular with criminals is that they havenÂt changed much over recent decades. We need some type of electronic verification with these services before more people get taken. "

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Look up the terms of a "Personal Account" on Paypal. You can receive payments for free, but the catch is that no one can use a credit card to send you the payment. They'd have to use their Paypal account balance or checking account to send the money. There may also be a limit on how much money you can receive with a Personal account, but since your transactions will be small that may be no problem.

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