stain/seal hardwood floor before cabinets?

djpiazzaFebruary 6, 2012

I am uncertain about whether to have red oak hardwood floors sanded, stained and finished before the cabinets are installed. The floors will be a dark stain "Jacobean" as well as "Java" cabinets. There is a 7' x 6' island and roughly 24 feet of cabinets. If the cabinets are installed without finishing there will be quite a bit of "raw" wood under all of the cabinets. Is this a problem? My contractor wants to finish after everything is in but I worry that there could be future problems with the untreated wood. Also, should I or a future owner want to change something, they would have large areas of flooring that aren't stained or finished. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Cabinets go in first, then floor is stained. Have them paint/stain any shoemold trim for the cabinetry or island PRIOR to nailing it in place or you could end up with that finish bleeding into the floor finish.

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Install, sand, stain, two topcoats, cabinets (with care) then final finishes. Less chance of damaging the cabinets, you have finish under them and if the future brings changes in the lay out your ready - no patching in.

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Don't worry about the next owner. Either way is fine. Only you will know that there is "raw wood" under the cabinets. If you finish first, protecting the finished surface as the cabinets are installed is crucial.

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