120 yr old Fireplace Hearth

jenniferuseySeptember 28, 2011

I REALLY need urgent help with this project...

First,I'll give you the specs....

1890 house with original 3flue chimney(center of house)...

TOTAL exposed area of this first floor fireplace measures -D44' x W68' X H62'....... Firebox opening is D16.5' x W36' x H54'.........This opens into TINY living room..D14' x W16' x H10'... there are also two small passage areas on side of living room measuring 3' x 4'... so, essentially it's a massive fireplace opening into a shoebox.

For this project I have:

had Chimney completely rebuilt above roofline and will be using VENTED Peterson Real Fyre Gas logs and possibly just a mesh curtain closing off Firebox.... I personally think less is more be the room is TINY.

I need opinions on....

1) the final height of modified firebox...i need to figure out appropriate heigh so i can use an IN STOCK blk powder coat curtain or hinged doors w mesh.

2) advice as to whether aged red firebick on entire exposed surface w a shallow soapstone mantel would be appropriate?? or should i stucco it?? or maybe use soapstone bricks?(M. Teixeira Soapstone in Hackensack)

3)hearth floor? simple grey cement or should i splurge for $500 and buy a soapostone slab?? orrrr,would the weight of the soapstone be too much??(the mason will be beefing up below the hearth w support btw basement floor joists but hmmm i definitely need some advice on that

Anyway, I just wanted to start this Thread and see where you guys take it... I'm open to all suggestions.... I also dont like to use materials that will date a project...as in I'd prefer straight boring cement instead of using tile or brick that screams 2011...

Here is a link that might be useful: Misssisssipppi/FIREPLACE

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Sorry.. let's try this link

Here is a link that might be useful: Misssisssipppi_Fireplace

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