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massagegirlMarch 14, 2011

4 weeks ago I placed an order with a privately owned store, to have a custom couch made by Four Seasons. I would have felt more comfortable doing business with a large chain store, but I wanted something specific and the chain stores had nothing to my liking.

When I placed the order I was told the couch would be ready in 6 weeks. I was assured that FS runs on time and there shouldn't be any delays. This matched the info I received from an internet retailer who I was thinking of ordering the couch from, so I believed them.

A week ago (3 weeks after having placed the order) I received a swatch from the manufacturer in an envelope, with no note. I had no idea how the manufacturer got my address or why they sent the swatch, but I took it to mean that they must have just begun to make the couch and sent me a cut of the fabric as a courtesy.

Today, (4 weeks after having placed the order and 2 weeks away from receiving the couch) I got a very quick message from the store, casually mentioning that my couch is "back-ordered" at the manufacturer's and it will not be delivered until the end of May.

WHAT? There's a big difference between 6 weeks and 15 weeks. The end of May? Are they kidding? And how the heck is something that is being custom made "back-ordered"?

Now I have to find another store in my state that sells FS so that I can order the couch from them. I no longer trust this store to do business with them. If they lied once, who is to say that they won't lie again, 15 weeks later? Of course, when I called to cancel my order I got the answering machine. I placed 50% of the price of the couch on my credit card. I'm hoping that I will have credit card protection.

Someone, anyone... What's really going on here? I don't have much experience with buying furniture and this is really upsetting


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Be glad they are communicating. We waited the 6 weeks, heard nothing so we called them. Not yet..this went on for another 6 months. Turns out the store we ordered from was going out of business. If we hadn't paid cash we would have walked away at the first 10 week wait date. How bad do you want this couch? That is the question. If it is bad enough, you will wait. We wish we hadn't.

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Years ago I waited 6 months for a rug from Ethan Allen because it was being 'hand loomed in Belgium'. This was almost 40 years ago, and I *wanted* to believe it was the truth, but hey, everybody passes the buck, and they'll use any story in hopes that you'll fall for it. The rug was well worth waiting for, lie or not. Hope things work out for you. ;o)

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Thanks for the replies. The second poster was correct, there's a backorder on the fabric. However, the manufacturer admitted there's no guarentee that it will come in when it's supposed to. It's coming from "overseas" (of course). I don't know what to do at this point.

Thinking that things happen for a reason I decided to check out (and test out) a couple other swatches that are currently in stock and they're all grabbing alot of cat hair. But - so is the original fabric I chose, now that I'm testing out that swatch again.

I'm up in the air as to what to do. I'm set on this model couch from this manufacturer. I certainly don't want to be told at the end of May that the fabric didn't arrive. And now I'm finding that none of the fabrics are pet-hair friendly. I don't know what to do.

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I feel that if you found something you really like, then its worth waiting for. You've waited this long..whats a few more weeks? I work for a furniture store and things happen that we can't control, so I think "patience" is the key word right now! After you get it and are loving it, you'll be glad you waited!

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