PolyWood patio furniture?

islanddevilMarch 11, 2013

I'm tired of repainting my wood Adirondack chairs....unless you can suggest a primer and paint that holds up when left outside in San Diego year round. The spot where I have them against a white fence needs color and they're currently red.

Haven't seen any locally, but website says they never require painting are heavy and feel like wood, but hesitant to order online sight unseen.

Anyone have or seen PolyWood Adirondacks...or PolyWood anything? Was wondering what you think of it. Thanks!

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I can't think of to many cities where the climate is as good as it gets in San Diego, and that goes for outdoor furniture. Unless you live within a block of the ocean, as the salt air can rust/corrode the toughest of metals. Im thinking its the type of wood your chairs are built from and to some degree the paint your using or the way your preparing the surface. Redwood would be the first choice here for price/performance. You can always go with teak wood but its much more. Or Home Depot has polywood for the DIY.

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Thanks Rmanbike.

Our chairs are teak and are left outside all year. I'm a few miles from the beach, but the sun and elements still do a number on the paint. I thinking of buying new ones made of PolyWood not a DIY to build my own with Polywood.
Here's some at this website. http://www.polywood-furniture.com/polywood-chairs/polywood-adirondack-chairs?gclid=CMH84u6b-LUCFetFMgodCQgASw

Just afraid to pull the trigger without seeing one in person or hearing how others liked them.

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If the chairs are real teak wood, then I would see the problem your having in trying to paint them. The general rule of thumb is to not paint teak wood. Because they just wont hold paint. Actually teak wood requires no preservatives, treatment or paint at all. Just left alone outside in the most extreme weather conditions and the wood will last forever.
I think your trading in the best wood for outdoors meaning teak and thinking that polywood is better choice for durability. But if what your wanting to do is actually change the color of the wood by painting, then polywood is a better choice because you can paint it. But just know that you will need to repaint them ever 1 to 2 years.

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Oh I didn't know that about teak and paint! Probably explains why even the primer eventually peals off. We got these for a song at least 10 years ago and they're still going strong. I almost wish they'd fall apart so I have a better excuse to get new ones! We have a lot of Danish Modern teak inside that we oil now and then and it's beautiful, but we didn't want natural or greyed outside. Need some color. Supposedly the color goes all the way thru PolyWood so they don't have need to be repainted. That's the draw, however it is nice to be able to paint these any color I want so may try repainting one more season. . Thanks!

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I have polywood outdoor furniture for 8 + years (bench, arm chairs, coffee table, plant table and 2 Adirondacks.) I leave them outside all winter (Live in NY). In the spring I spray them with bleach and water and power wash them (NOT a super powerful power washer). I use cushions to make the seats more comfortable. I am very happy with the product.

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Kge9 Appreciate the info and cleaning tips. Can you please tell m where you purchased yours? Was it online or a national chain? Thanks.

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I purchased the polywood furniture online from a company in Las Vegas. Not many places sold it - I think it was fairly new at the time. I didn't see the company when I just googled polywood. I thought I would recognize the name. I would go by the best price. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Furniture that is used on a patio, deck, or other outdoor setting needs to be strong and durable enough to handle any condition that nature throws its way. Polywood patio furniture is among the toughest in the industry.One major benefit of investing in polywood furniture is that it requires very little maintenance once placed on your patio or deck.Thanks.

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I happened to stumble upon this article and would like to offer a little more details.I can tell you that once you see just how easy it is to maintain this furniture you will understand why it is becoming so popular. The HDPE plastic that it is made of is impervious to all chemicals, so nothing will penetrate the plastic wood. This also makes it very easy to clean up. The color is embedded throughout the material as well, which will help in fading. On some of the vivid colors it is known that they may have some fading. This can be remedied by apply a UV protection. I read that they use powder coated stainless steel hardware as well that helps in the longevity of the item. I did a lot of research before buying our adirondack chairs and could not be happier.

I can guarantee that you will no longer be sanding or painting your furniture ever again. Just thought I would throw my two cents in here!

Here is a link that might be useful: Polywood Outdoor Furniture

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Thomas. Thanks for the additional info and link. Is that where your purchased? Looks like there are a few different adirondaks; which style and color did you buy?

How about the rest of yiu that have Polywood; what color did yoiu purchase?

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I'm looking into buying this type of furniture too. You might want to check out the offerings at L.L. Bean online. I'm not sure if it's the Polywood brand. However, the prices seem similar to the ones I saw at the Polywood web site. There are limited colors at L.L. Bean, but I'm leaning toward ordering from them because they have such a great guarantee. It's a forever guarantee. Also, there are a lot of pieces available (chairs, tables, rocking chairs, dining sets) and there are a lot of customer reviews, which you may find helpful. They sell chair pads for them also. Good luck.

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When I purchased my furniture, white was the only choice - which is what I wanted. I bring in color with cushions.

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Just purchased 5 poly adirondack chairs this week after extensive research. Purchased the Phat Tommy brown via Overstock. Free shipping. Only the arms required assembly. Very, very heavy-won't blow away in the wind. Hubby, a picky one about chair seating, loves them. With the current 10% outdoor product discount and another personal discount card, they were approx $220 each.

Highly recommend.

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Hey try reading this post. Hope it can lift out your hesitation on polywood.


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Teak has natural oil in the wood. That's why your paint won't stick.

Down here is Florida, I see polywood Adirondack chairs daily where the seats and arms have sagged over time because of the heat and people sitting in them.

I would strip the teak and then apply the appropriate oil to refurbish the finish.

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