Fireplace grates

kbardSeptember 9, 2012

We have a nice fireplace that separates the living and dining room. Just got the house. As you can see there are two grates, one below and one above with two knobs for adjustment i assume one is for the flue but i don't know what the other is for, I assume something to do with these vents, I have never seen a fioreplace with these vents before and don't really like them. The vents look the same on the other side of the fireplace too. What are they for? Thanks

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To insure airflow so when using the fireplace the fire stays going. If there is no air flow i the fire will choke itself out.

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I think it's kind of obvious they are for air flow. My question is, why does my particular fireplace have these? I have not seen fireplaces with these before. Usually above the fireplace is a blank wall where people put flat screen tvs, etc

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LilFlowers MJLN

Do you have a switch for a fan? My husband once delivered firewood to an elderly disabled man. When I asked what the vents were for, his wife answered that one was for air flow to help keep the fire lit and the other was for the heat to move to other areas of the room. Their fireplace had a switch for a fan to blow the heat if it didn't move about the room.

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