Credit Report Cleanup Questions.

cathie54May 27, 2007

I ordered all three of my credit reports this past January. There are some obvious errors (have been for many years - before the internet! lol!). I'm not fully "there" yet, but I think there are more errors also.

I've read a lot, and I 'think' - when I'm ready to indulge in this - I can easily find out the steps to "clean it up".

I was surprised at this last set I ordered (hadn't ordered any since 2003 - when we were looking to buy house)

I have numerous incorrect spellings of my NAME - (AKA's) TWO of them are OK, I suppose: (One with middle initial, one without) - but I have some other mis-spellings. I KNOW that several years ago when I applied for a CC for a balance trf on the phone, I spelled out my name. I rec'd the CC, and they STILL spelled it wrong! Needless to say, that mis-spelling is an AKA on my credit report.

But THIS time, on one of my free credit reports - it shows my first name, my middle initial - lower case, then my middle initial - uppercase, and my last name. Then it says" formarly know as: First name, middle initial, last name!

EXAMPLE would be like this:

Jane a A. Doe - formerly known as: Jane A. Doe

DOES mispelling(s) of name mess up your credit report? (score?) Should I try to clean THAT up? It bothers me, but how important is it? I haven't read anywhere on any sites about your NAME cleanups - only addresses, employment, etc.


Another thing on one of my credit reports is it shows "spouse" and my 'significant other's' name. I'm not married to the person I've lived with for last 20 years, but according to the report, I AM! (I asked DH if he could let me know when it was we got married!)

I don't know whether to correct this or not. Would (COULD) it be beneficial to me? Could it hurt me? (or HIM?)


Something I noticed MANY years ago...on a credit report shows a company I worked for which I don't recognize.never heard of! I never did anything about it. I don't know if it benefits me or not! lol! (I DID work for a couple temp agencies many years back for a very short time, but not that Company name).

I haven't worked for over 10 years now - does it matter?


AND...I noticed some gaps in previous addresses I lived. One of them shows my current addy, and my previous addy, then there's this gap going back to an old addy - about 6+ years worth - does that matter?

I had read (somewhere) about having old addy's removed. The OLD addy is from 15 or more years back - even tho every time I moved, I updated my info to everyone. Why such a gap?


There will be more, when I get deeper into the real important! I figured this is long enough, even tho I KNOW there are other problems re certain accounts!

Thx all! Much appreciated!

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Start with a sheet of paper, or photo copy the report and using pencils correct each error and then send it back. Is it the same on all the credit agencies? You need to get copies from each agency, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian and compare each.
I would clarify the mistakes, but I don't know if you can remove addresses. One of the companies you can call, and this might help. If you never worked for a company, you can put in a disbute. On the credit report you received, it should tell you what to do to change/disbute the information. As to the married question, talk to your tax person or a lawyer about that.
I too am in the process of clarifing some information on my reports.
Good luck and you can get help by just typing in credit score information.

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Oh yes, one other thing, photo copy everything you send in.

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"Something I noticed MANY years ago...on a credit report shows a company I worked for which I don't recognize.never heard of!"

You might want to check into this further. Sometimes I.D. thieves use other people's info to apply for work. Order your SS statement from the Social Security office so you can see what taxes were paid in that particular year.

Links that might be useful:
Your Social Security Statement -

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