Dumb question on how to clean glass on wood stove

kkladySeptember 30, 2006

This may be a dumb question ..... but is there any way to clean the glass on a wood stove. My husband started our new wood stove, and apparently took from the wrong pile, and had some wet wood. I read the booklet from the stove, and it said to use window cleaner and cool ashes to clean the creosote from the glass. Well, 2 hours later, I am done. Is there a cleaner out there that works a little faster.

Thank you

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dont use windex. it can cause a permanent rainbow. buy a glass cleaner specifically for fireplace/woodstove glass.

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by far the easiest way is to burn a hot fire and burn it off. you have a new woodstove, but you will quickly tire of cleaning the glass by any other method; there is no really "fast" way to clean it.

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I used oven cleaner to clean the glass of our wood stove when we had it. Worked like a charm

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Just remember, the "glass" isn't glass. It's ceramic. Go to your srove shop and get a cleaner. The black comes off inside of seconds. I bought some about 3 years ago and it'll last a long time.

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I used oven cleaner too. Be sure to protect everything though.

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I also use EZ off oven cleaner. Be carefull not to overspray or get it on your hands. I place old newspaper around the door to prevent any overspray hitting outside the glass.

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1. For heavy buildup a hot fire is the best approach. Consider that if you are creating a buildup on the glass that the same thing is getting deposited in the flue and a hot fire should help that too. Short hot fires minimize creosote.
2. When it is cool use a damp paper towel. Moderate creosote can be removed with a paste of water and ashes.
3. Use a cleaner made for wood stove glass; they claim it will leave a silicone layer that will help make it easier to clean in the future.

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Get oven cleaner in a spray bottle which you can dilute down to a 1 to 4 ratio. That's 1 part oven cleaner to 4 parts water. Reserve the full strength oven cleaner in a secondary container and remix as needed.

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Get a wet paper towel and dip it in the cooled ashes and ta da! it simply wipes off so easily its magic!!!

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DONT use over cleaner! it gets into the pours of the glass and will shorten its lifespan. best home remeady is to use newspaper and wet with water, dip it in the ashes and make a paste, then spreed it on the glass, it breaks done the soot and comes off easy

Here is a link that might be useful: woodstove-fireplaceglass

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