My Men Are on a College Tour

BethpenApril 23, 2014

DS is a Junior in HS and he and DH have embarked on an epic (for them) college tour adventure. They flew from Boston on Easter Sunday to Chicago, where they went to a Cubs game. Then they drove their swag rental Dodge Charger to the University of Wisconsin. Next up was Indiana University which they both seemed to like a lot. Today they were at the University of Kentucky,then drove to Miami of Ohio, which they will tour tomorrow. DS has reported that he isn't feeling it already, as they wandered some today. Then they head to DS's holy grail, OSU, with some spare time and a flight back on Saturday.

DH went to a private school in Columbus for HS, so they may go see his old school. This is great for them, they've never spent this much time together, DH works a lot. It is lonely here! I'm stuck with Oscar the Frenchie and my Sister's Black Lab who is staying here while she is in Florida.

At first I was 100% against DS going to school so far away. But I think he needs to get out of here Cape Cod is really a mess these days and I think the less time he spends here the better. Heroin has moved in and boy, have things gotten ugly quickly.

Beth P.

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Aw, that makes me sad when you say that about the Cape. I go to Chatham almost every year. I love it there. Heroin is such an awful problem everywhere. The home break ins have skyrocketed here.

Anyway, you think you are lonely now? Wait until DS goes off to college. The house will be so quiet! I remember when my last went off to college. Yikes. The phone never rang any more.

Well, hope the guys are having a good time checking out the campuses. Wouldn't it be great to be a id just going off to college again? Wow.

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I say go Bucks! DD did both undergrad and grad there (while working full time for the OSU med center). She still lives in Cbus and works as a consultant. OSU is a huge school but doesn't feel like it....and they were quite generous with scholarships making it just a bit more than our state university. She absolutely loved going to school there.

The summer before senior year we did a crazy college tour we dubbed the "48 colleges in 48 hours tour." Actually, it was a week and we went to OSU, Purdue, U Wisconsin, U Minnesota, U Iowa, U Illinois, Indiana U, and U was a blast.

We also did tours with our boys, but not quite as many schools..oldest son knew the school he wanted from the get go and younger one's major limited the choices.

Hope you son is having fun....he will know the school when he sees it.

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Ded, I know! I didn't go to college and so envy his opportunity. Some of the schools we've looked at seem more like resorts to me.

I'm really nervous about the empty nest syndrome. Our DD has been gone a while and is graduating in May. (and God knows she may be back), DS and his friends have been here all along, the lot of them. I'm going to miss them all so much. DH is talking about selling our home and moving to NH soon after DS leaves and I just can't wrap my head around all of those kids not having this place to come back to. (I had planned on starting a new topic for this). He'd like to sell our home, move to our condo in NH (or perhaps a larger place), and then rent here on the Cape in the Summer. We've looked at some lovely new homes up there, and it is all tempting until I get to the point where I don't have a home here anymore. My current plan is to put him off a few years. I think of what might happen if he gets of him dying and me stuck there without him and away from my old friends and family.

Heroin is a nightmare. We're watching our kids die here and I don't know what we can do about it. They've busted a bunch of dealers here recently and I think that's going to drive the prices the break ins will get more aggressive. Someone already tried to break in here a few months ago, but thankfully DD and her boyfriend chased them off.

Sad, we never locked our doors before. Home alone tonight, I checked them all three times.


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Sounds like a good time.

Sorry to hear of all the problems on Cape Cod.

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Sounds like a great and bonding trip for your guys.

I am very sorry to read about the drug problem on the Cape. I haven't been up for a few years and I miss it. The Cape, not the drugs. :-)

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Sounds like great fun for your guys! So sorry to hear about the drug problems in your area. Really a downer for both home sales and for security and safety reasons if you have to worry about break-ins all the time.

I think you'll find your kids would be pretty open and resilient to your downsizing and moving on when they are out of the house. Yes, there would likely be some pains for all, but in the long run, if DD has experienced the near-burglary, there should be some concerns on their part as well for everyone's safety.

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Gosh, didn't read the part about the heroin until just now. We were in Hyannis in the fall and really enjoyed our stay and going around--such a lovely area--so sad to know it's having so many drug problems.

It is hard adjusting to an empty nest. You're in CC for another year + until your son goes off to college, so you have some time to let the idea of relocating simmer. You will know when and if it feels right to make a move.

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I understand your husband's enthusiasm to move forward, but I'm with you. Kids love coming back home after they leave for college. They are still very connected with their local friends. See if you can convince DH to wait a bit longer.

I, like Joanie, enjoyed the college tours. Although I did go to college and then on to grad school, they were local. So, I walked to college and took a train to grad school!(although I did have my own apartment) I am glad both my daughters had the opportunity to leave home and have the college experience.

Yes, they come back. My youngest DD is now back home while deciding grad school options. My oldest lives in the city and we are very much involved in her life.
It can be a bittersweet time. For me, I was just so excited that we could give both my DD this opportunity and so glad they both enjoyed the experience.

Funny too, we either looked at or considered all your DS's choices (except for OSU).
Side story on Miami Ohio: During the tour, the student guide talked about Miami mergers. Large percentage will meet their future spouse there. It is also know for very good looking young girls, which is why the guys are interested. Of course, it has a very good business school. There was also a nickname attached to a J Crew reference.

DD went to University of Wisconsin, Madison but transferred to Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a degree in Textile Development.

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Well, I hope the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce doesn't come for me...I didn't mean to make it sound as bad as it came out. It's just so shocking as it sort of snuck up in the past ten years or so. I'm just glad to be in the area they try to rob, not in the midst of the using and dealing.

Ellendi, the girls of Miami must not have done it for DS, he said Miami didn't feel right. I would love to know what your DD does with her degree. It sounds like a really cool major that could go in so many directions!

So today on the way to OSU they stopped at Columbus Academy where DH went to High School for his last two years. There on the wall was a giant photo of DH in his wrestling gear celebrating his career back in the day. I think it made his year! Pretty amazing considering it's been close to 40 years.

I'll be dragging my feet on the move. Luckily this house needs tons of work to get it ready for the market. You'd all better get ready because my empty nest is going to be a problem. :) I do have to say it's been nice being here alone (with the dog and my sister's oldie black lab) sort of putzing around and doing what I want. I haven't picked up a discarded sock in days!

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This makes me feel a bit nostalgic -- it was exactly a year ago this week that my DS saw and fell in love with Syracuse. He had such a strong gut feeling that he didn't get from the other schools we visited. I hope your DS finds a school he loves, too!

I'm hoping this summer goes by verrrrry slowly. I'm dreading saying goodbye and leaving him at school. Waah.

Funny side note, my high school BFF's DD goes to Columbus Academy!

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Beth, she's in the field for over three years. She works for a children's clothing line directly with developing the fabric. She took one textile class and it became her major! Not many do it. They have a group of male students from Turkey each year, so although FIT is primarily women, her department had a third men.
I was a bit shocked at graduation, seeing mostly women, as all her Facebook pictures showed up coed!
FIT has many unusual majors, although the majority go for merchandizing.
It's an awesome school where individually creativity is strongly encouraged.

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ellendi, that's so interesting. I guess I never gave much thought to who designs and develops the fabrics I love or hate.

Sue, I'm dreading it so much! Syracuse is on my son's list of places to look at as well. It's funny your friend's daughter goes to Columbus. FIL would often get teary when talking about how that school changed/saved DH's life.

Sitting with the dogs and the Red Sox. Somehow all this free time still didn't inspire me to do the bookkeeping work I need to do in my office.

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