A gift from jude

annie1992February 13, 2012

I got this in the mail last week and I've been having a ball going through it!

It has the parts of a cow and the types of tractors and the differences in round and square hay bales (OK, I knew that already) and some recipes, including this one.

It's funny, my brother just mentioned to Mother that he missed Grandma's buckwheat pancakes. Does anyone have her recipe? Nope, but I do remember it had molasses, so this one might be close. I don't remember the yeast, but that means nothing, heck, I barely remember anything any more, LOL.

So now I'm going to hunt down some buckwheat flour and give it to Mother along with this recipe, so she can make Gordy some buckwheat pancakes. Heck, I might make some myself, I like pancakes, Elery doesn't like the white pancakes but he might like buckwheat ones...

Jude, thank you so much for thinking of me. Makayla has already asked to borrow the book when I'm done reading it, she is writing a report for school on farms and farm animals with a specific focus on horses and chickens, so this would be a handy "reference" she thinks! Actually, I think she just wants to read the book....


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Oh what an appropriate gift Annie!
Jude is indeed a wonderful, generous lady! Enjoy your new cook and reference book!

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You are most welcome Annie! I'll be interested to see how the buckwheat pancakes turn out if they decide to make them and I was hoping the grankids might enjoy the book, too. Makayla could take you to school for "show and tell" (do they still do that?)and you would be a hit!


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Jude, they do still do "show and tell" at school, but last time she actually took in a chicken. The time before that Bruvver took the neighbor's baby goat!

I think I'd be a letdown after a baby goat, especially for the first and third graders, LOL.

It's a great book, though, I'm thoroughly enjoying it and so are the kids.


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Typical Jude! She's one great lady. I sure do love her. I don't see how you could ever be a let down Annie! No way. I'm not buying that.

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Well, maybe if I brought cookies the kids would think I was as exciting as a baby goat, LOL, but nearly everyone has a Grandma, not everyone has a baby goat!


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What a neat book! !
Lucky Annie!

The Buckwheat pancakes have me drooling.
My mother used to make them,
I loved them!
Still do when I can get them.

Hers didn't have any yeast in them,
And I doubt she used molasses, either.
But I'm willing to bet the recipe shown
will be good.

I'm the only one here that will eat them,
So when I do make them.
I use a (gasp) mix,
And have them for my lunch when I'm here alone.


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