Saloom Newcastle line - anyone have it?

credomkMarch 29, 2009

I'm looking at ordering the Bristol pedestal table (54" round) from Saloom's Newcastle line and was wondering if anyone had purchased items from this group before. If you have, do you like them? How are they holding up? What finish did you use? We are leaning toward the midnight finish for the base and either the currant or the distressed mulberry for the top.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Follow-up question: Has anyone seen the distressed mulberry or the currant finish on furniture instead of just on the sample boards? I'm trying to decide of the currant leans a little purple or not. Thanks!

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I have currant in my house. Its beautiful.

You only see the purple when you hold the chip next to a piece of brown. Don't do that. It won't look like that in your home.

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Thanks, mogator88. The currant is what I'm leaning toward, although I still need to find out if it can have some distressing on the finish. The mulberry is nice, but the extra reddish tones in the currant are really beautiful.

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i just received my dining room table. i have the cheshire table with the ladderback chairs. i have it in the fruitwood finish. i love the set. if i had to change anything, i would have gone a little darker. i couldn't decide between the fruitwood finish and the regency. i guess if i had gotten the regency i might have wanted the fruitwood. thats just me. can't make a decision. i do love the quality of the set. i do not think you will be disappointed.

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Newyorkone, thanks for sharing! I looked up your table on their site--beautiful. I would have had a hard time deciding between those two finishes, as well. I'm eager to get everything ordered but want to be sure we're choosing the right colors, as we plan to have this set for a long time.

Did you get your chairs with a wood seat base or upholstered? Unfortunately, the store we're working with doesn't have any chairs without the upholstered seat, and I'd like to sit in one of the wood ones before we place our order. (Avoiding upholstery due to young children.)

Thanks again for your feedback!

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i got the chairs upholstered. again, couln't decide between wood seat and upholstered. i sat in both before ordering. both are very comfortable. i ordered the chairs through saloom. sometimes finding a ladderback chair that is comfortable is hard -- the chairs are great!!! upolstered or wood seat is comfortable, actually the wood seat is a little more comfortable IMHO. i went with the upohlstered seat because my husband liked it better. i gave him that one. the only other thing i can mention is the wood comes in two finished that satin and non-satin. the dealer advised me to order the satin -- i have little kids too. the satin finish is easier to wipe down and spill friendlier. both finishes are beautiful.

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I'm glad you like your ladderback chairs! Also glad to hear the wood seatbase is comfortable. I'm checking into whether we'd be able to switch it out for an upholstered base down the road without paying for entirely new chairs. We're probably getting the #18 chairs (double X in the back), though if we could go with fully upholstered ones I love style #34, too.

Anyway, thanks again for all your feedback! I'm really excited to place our order now.

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