CR Laine Sofa Seat Depth

niseyMarch 24, 2009

Just purchased a sofa from CR Laine through local furniture retailer. I specifically selected a sofa that specified a seat depth of 21 inches since I am 5'3" and wanted to be able to sit back and have my feet touch the floor. From my readings, I had the impression that seat depth was measured from the front of the cushion to the seat back (this is a tight back sofa).

The sofa arrived and seat depth is 26". The initial feedback when I called the furniture retailer to check was the measurement is as I understood (depth of seat cushion - retailer's response based on checking with CR Laine). Now, CR Laine rep has called back a second time to state the measurement is from front of cushion to the front of the pillows. These are throw pillows that do come standard with the sofa (ie called throw pillows in their catalog).

Anyone else have experience with or knowledge of the appropriate measurements who can shed some light?

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If it is a scatter back sofa, like the C.R. Laine #1300,the pillows are normally in place behind the users back and the seat depth would be measured to those pillows.

If there are just 2 decorative throw pillows, as on their #1200, the depth would be measured to the tight back.

Here is a link that might be useful: C.R. Laine sofas

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Thank you for the reply, Furnone. I will have to check their catalog again to see if it explains that and I missed it. I ordered the #7520 sofa. With what you are saying, if I had ordered the #8520 sofa I would have gotten exactly what I wanted. Measurements aren't apples to apples on their product.

I thought pillows that were considered part of the seat back were referred to as bolster pillows. Education after the fact is the pits, isn't it?

Thanks again for your explanation.

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Other than this issue how do you like your CR Laine? Could you give a short review (cushions firmness you ordered etc.) for future potential buyers.

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