Help with Pellet Pipe Venting

elroyyboySeptember 19, 2011


I'm getting a cheapie pellet stove from Lowes this week to help heat the basement woodshop and hopefully get some residual heat upstairs in our 2 story cape cod. I paid $450-500/mo last winter for electricity. We've got a cheap all electric furnace that isn't very productive as we have no returns in our upstairs (a problem to fix soon).

I've bought the kit from Dura Vent and it's got a 7 in. diameter wall thimble. I'm going straight through poured concrete basement walls and I don't know if I can rent/borrow a big enough coring drill to drill a 7" hole. Since it's concrete can I just bore the hole over the diameter of the stove pipe and caulk it in with fireproof silicon? I'm meeting all my clearances inside and outside.

Thanks, and apologies for such a long post!

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It's probably too late to answer this. Personally I don't see a problem with venting directly through a concrete wall without a thimble. The thimble is designed to keep a hot pipe away from combustable materials and I don't believe concrete is combustable! I used just regular silicone sealant on my installation and I had no issues.

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