Floors Squeak

rmingleFebruary 11, 2011

We installed white oak planks 2 years ago and they are still moving. The floor is Amish built-28 yr veteran. Kiln dried and delivered at 6% moisture content. I have a humidistat that I've tracked it upstairs and down. The humidity in the house is 40-50% summer and 35-45% winter. I can't figure out why this is happening when this is industry rated humidity for a house. It's nailed down over rosin paper. Only the unfinished storage is not closed off.

Please help.

Thanks, RL

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If your white oak planks are wide-width, then you will have noticeable seasonal movement as the relative humidity changes in your dwelling. It is near impossible to control temperature and humidity as a constant in a dwelling that is located in a four season region.

How do your planks move? Do gaps develop between the planks? Do the planks cup or crown? What is the flooring attached to and what is beneath the floor system? Is it a crawl space, an unheated basement or something else?

Rosin paper is not a moisture retarder.

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Did you carefully check your subfloor for squeaking before installation? Most squeaking issues are subfloor related not flooring caused.
The uncontrolled storage area could well be part of the problem if it is below the floor.
For wider planks, 5" or more we glue and nail.

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The unfinished in condition air. There is some cupping and gaps. The subfoor is I Level Structure wood.
Thanks for your help.

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