looking for financial tracking software

blue_fastbackApril 3, 2011

Can anyone recommend good financial tracking software that will update the value of my investments automaticly. I was using Money but it is not supported any more by Microsoft. I thought about Mint but I dont trust having a third party knowing all my investments.

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I set up a free account with Yahoo (under a fake name) and use their software to track my investments.

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Check out MarketWatch.com. I've used it to track portfolio value and research potential investments.

Here is a link that might be useful: MarketWatch.com

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I'm in the same boat blue ... I only use Money for my investments and to compute anything needed for tax purposes.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to spend the money and go with Quicken. Though I don't want to ... I looked at Mint, and it didn't give me what I wanted.

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I have used Quicken for a number of years now. I update it every several years (not annually). It works well for downloading and tracking investments. I don't like the idea of my finances being out there on the internet "cloud" so am not interested in anything online.

I fell that Quicken is well worth what I spent for it.

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I second Quicken. I have been using it since 2004.

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Does quicken automatically update the value of my invests depending on what the market is doing? This is what I am trying to find. I know I can go to say Vanguards website where I have mutual funds and see what they are doing but because I have investments with different companies, I dont want to go to seveal websites and see how my investments are performing. I want one program that will do the work for me.

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Yes, it should update if set to do so. If you are having problems look at quicken help, or contact them. They were very helpful to me when I had questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: quicken support

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