Jotul Gas Stoves

fire_bugSeptember 17, 2006

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone give me any feedback on Jotul Gas Stoves, especialy the GF 600 DV II Firelight and the GF 400 DV Sebago. I am leaning towards the Firelight.

I will be heating with propane. I want to heat my 600 sq. ft. basement rec room and un heated laundry room.

I was wondering if the 40,000 btu Firelight will be to big but I think this bigger unit will look better on my wood burner hearth. It also has alot bigger viewing area than the Sebago. I will be getting a remote control thermostat and blower.

This unit has a 50% turn down rate to 23,000 Btu's.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Fire Bug

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either of course will do the job, the nice thing about gas is that you can put it on a thermostat, and turn it down if you like. So sizing is not as important as buying a woods stove. Both are quality units, pick one that the budget allows, and fits the scale that your looking for. Save you money on the blower, in a space of that size you wont need it, and blowers on efficient free standing stoves is usually not that important. All the surface area of the stove is in the room, so you are not "recouping" lost btu's from anywhere. If anything, install a celing fan, run it on low, and on reverse. Thats the best circulator around. As far as remotes go, if you have a plug nearby, get the AC version with the 110v reciever. Then you only have to change one set of batteries.

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Thanks Moutainstoveguy,
If I take the plunge and replace my Fisher Papa Bear woodstove with the Jotul it will probably be the Firelight unit. I would rather the bigger unit and viewing area. I have a fairly large hearth and don't want the Sebago to look to small on it.
I would rather have a unit that is a little bit bigger than one that is smaller, with a smaller viewing area, that might have to run harder.
I am glad to hear that they are both quality units. I am leaning to the programable remote for ten dollars more than the regular remote control.
Also, I still might pop for the blower kit, even though I agree that it is probably not needed on a free standing stove verses a fireplace insert. My ceiling in the rec room are 7', so a ceiling fan is not an option in this situation.
Thanks for your advice. If I purchase the Firelight, it will have all the options. If I am going to take the plunge, I want to do it up right.
Fire bug

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I've been looking at Jotul Firelight and Sebago too. How much is your dealer asking for? I am in northern CA and they want $2199 for the enamel ivory in the Sebago and $2399 for the Firelight. However the killer is the installtion, about $1000 for materials and labor even when I have the flue and chimney originally for a Jotul wood stove.

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Hi CBreeze,
Sorry for the long delay. I purchased the DV Firelight II for $1,700. for the basic stove. I added the brick pannel kit, a blower unit, firescreen, programable remote.
With the installation and materials and 6% sales tax I believe the total was around $3,700.00.
Fire Bug

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I am looking to sell a Jotul GF 600 DV FIRELIGHT GAS STOVE I am not sure of the year maybe a 2000 - 2004 the stove is navy blue enamel and is in excellent shape. It can burn natural gas or propane and comes with all the exhaust piping.Does anyone know what this stove is worth. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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