Texture vs Frieze for high traffic?

Asahi EvelethFebruary 4, 2013

We are going to be starting a fairly major reno in our lower level split foyer basement and will be replacing the carpet throughout the level. This includes a bedroom, an office/playroom, and our family room where we watch TV every night (meaning it gets heavy use). I love the look of the frieze carpet but have seen some nice texture carpets as well.

From my research I've read that nylon is the best material to go with for wear but which do you think is best for high traffic, texture or frieze?

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i like the look of frieze. not sure what you mean by texture. frieze seems to be what they are recommending for the 2nd story of 2 story homes

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I'd just say it's less about the style(frieze vs. texture) and more about which fiber you choose when it comes to performance.

Mohawk's Triexta fiber is resistant to traffic and staining based on the shape of the actual fiber. Because there is no stain protection chemicals added, it creates a tremendously soft carpet to. SmartStrand carpets, which feature Triexta fiber, will work very well for your high traffic areas

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With freize, you are walking on the sides of the carpet strand, not the cut end as in a plush. It won't really hold up to heavy wear and tends to go "flat" because of that. For "texture", you'd have to define what texture you're talking about. A plush with a high twist and a low nap, and a good wear warranty would be my choice for a high traffic location. And plenty of rugs at doorway entrances to keep the dirt out of the rooms. That's essential if you want the carpet to look it's best for the longest term.

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Asahi Eveleth

I didn't even realize my post had posted! I thought I forgot to hit the submit button.

Thanks for the tips. For texture, I mean a plush cut carpet but the carpet is cut at different lengths, giving it a more textured appearance vs all one length standard plush. I think we are leaning more toward the texture vs the frieze for the reasons @GreenDesigns mentioned.

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