Latex Mattress 2011: Update your experience?

wishnwellMarch 16, 2011

The latest posts I can find on latex mattresses are fairly old: can some of you who bought your mattresses a few years ago please help those of us who are in the market for a natural latex mattress right now?

Some of you bought from Flobeds...are you happy still with your purchase? Do the layers shift on you, or do they stay put? Might it be better to buy a mattress with the layers already laminated together?

I want a king bed, but in the tons of research I've been doing, I've read that the mattress is so heavy that some people have bought two extra-long kings and put them together.

It appears to me that buying online is the way to go, and I would value input from those of you who went that route. Still happy after a few years? What are the most important questions to ask, e.g. return cost involved, is a non-prorated warranty a strong consideration, name of online company you bought from and your hindsight on the purchase, how important is the foundation/box spring and did you buy both pieces from the same company?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but it's a major purchase and we'll take any input you feel like sharing. Thanks!

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Thanks, Sarah. I've read a gazillion reviews online, some mentioned in threads here and several i found on my own, but most seem to be "sponsored" by a retailer and therefore are somewhat suspect. I'd like to know what real people really think about their latex mattresses. Someone just revived an old thread yesterday by posting a negative about a Simmons Natural Care latex mattress she bought 3 months ago that is already showing body impressions. I'd decided that the "brand" companies like Sealy and Simmons aren't producing as good a product as some of the highly rated (BBB) online companies like Flobeds and Habitat.

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I bought a latex mattress on recommendations from this forum. There were 2 that popped up the most. and

I too did extensive research and did internet as well as shopping at some Mattress shops locally.

I ended up going with Sleepez. They were somewhat cheaper than Flobeds which was the other one I was considering.

I ended up with a queen size select sleep 10,000. It has 3 layers of 2.8 inch pieces of latex. One layer firm one medium and one soft.It's perfect. I had each side of the bed customized so it came with 6 pieces.

Call and ask to talk with Shawn. He will advise you.I ordered my bed on Sun and it was here in a week and I am on the east coast. The store is in AZ I bought the foundation there also and it came in a couple of days. The bed was easy to put together. There has been no shifting or sagging of the bed. Best money I ever spent. I will be ordering one for my guest room soon.

If you don't like the feel of the mattress you got you can send the layer back and get either a softer or harder one. Shawn really wants to make sure you are happy with it.

Good luck in your search.

Here is a link that might be useful: latex mattress site

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Thanks for that great information and referral, Denali. Those two and Habitat were the companies that sounded best from my research.

How long have you had your queen bed?

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Had it about 3 years. Like I said, best money I ever spent. It's like sleeping on air.

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We have had a King size for about 6 years and turn it every 6 months (you cannot flip it). We bought the top of the line and cost was around $3600. We would buy another in a minute. Google: Gold Bond Mattresses

We also bought a latex king from Sears for about $2K for our home in FL.

Good luck with your choices.

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Well, our experience has been different than the vast majority of the folks here. We bought a latex king combination from one of the main suppliers I read about on this forum, back in 2004. I think it was sleep EZ, but I am not sure. They were fine to deal with, and that is not the issue. We are now ready to change to something else (actually long overdue) because my husband is really getting back problems from our bed. We have shifted the layers a few times to try and make it firmer, but it just doesn't give him the support he thinks he needs. Further, it sags in the center of each side, where we sleep. It seemed to do this fairly soon after we bought it, so about 4 years ago, I had a local mattress place make us a box spring set for underneath. I had hoped that would help with the sagging issue, but it did not. The only part now that is good is right down the middle, where it has had the least use over the years and where the two box springs meet. I did speak to Shawn at sleep ez and I am going to just try taking out the box spring and softest layer of the latex and see if that helps. I wish I could recommend the latex, but for us, it hasn't been quite what we hoped.
Do not worry about the layers because the padded cover they fit snugly inside keeps it all in place. Good luck with your purchase.

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We have bought a latex mattress from Essentia, not sure if you can get it in the USA (it is Canadian made), and we're enjoying it.

You should go to the site, even if you can not get it in the US, it has some info that you should consider there when purchasing a latex mattress.

It's not cheap.

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In my opinion I would go with either a high quality Latex mattress or a Tempurpedic.

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I didnt know latex sagged. Isn't that one of the big reasons for buying one is that it doesn't sag like coil?

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