Burning tree bark

newguy_2009September 13, 2009

I have been splitting logs this summer and have a pile of tree bark. Most of it just kind of fell off. If I was to burn the bark in my fireplace, (I have a fireplace w/insert) I would guess I need to season it? Does it season faster then normal wood? Can I burn it this winter? How do i dry it out and store it? A friend of mine just puts his in a large barrel but it does not seem like it would get proper air circulation to season well. I also heard that the bark has a higher concentration of creasole. Is this true? Any and all info on this subject would be appreciated.

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I burn it as kindling from time to time when I have it. It leaves more ash when burnt. I keep two open garbage cans that I leave in my garage and rotate using which allows plenty of time for the kindling to dry out from the heat of the summer.

Bark easily absorbs moisture so it would be prone to creasote formation if it is kept wet but doesn't take that long to dry out in the sun.

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use it as kindling, or toss a few handfuls in at a time. or just simply toss it all in the flower beds as mulch.

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