Thoughts on Hearthstone Clydesdale Insert?

tm313September 17, 2006

I am currently deciding on a wood burning fireplace insert. I am interested in the Hearthstone Clydesdale, but am a little concerned because I have not found more than a handful of opinions on the insert, and 2 of those are negative. If you have this insert, what is your experience with it? I am especially interested in: 1. whether you feel it is able to heat the 1800 sq. ft that it boasts, 2. how the blower performs, 3. whether the blower is noisy, and 4. if there have been any quality/reliability issues with the unit.

Some background. I have a 2000 sq. ft, 2 story, 1910 house in Detroit, Michigan with no insulation in the walls and lots of little rooms. The fireplace is in the 300 sq ft. living room, and I am hoping to heat the first floor (1000 sq. ft) fully and keep the 2nd floor above 60 degrees. I am also considering the Pacific Energy Pacific Insert.

Any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

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over at there are severl clydsdale users. you might search reviews there or go to the forum and let the members tell you about it. Over all, i sell the clysdale. I dont sell many because its a look that people dont seem to like. TO me, it has a wide open viewing area, and the soapstone panels inside realy store some heat. Blowers should be ran on low to keep the combustion rate high, so when properly used all blowers can be quiet. It should be plenty of heat for the space described. If you want somthing to compare it too, look at the quad 4100 or the 5100I.

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I have purchased a hearthstone Clydesdale 2 months ago. I did the installation myself (first timer) and have been burning now for at least 1 month of very cold winter new Hampshire weather. I have a passive solar contemporary home of about 2400 sq ft. The flue liner is 20 ft. and the draft is excellent. My experience is the stone takes about 1.5 hours from a cold start to reach clean burning temperature. The thermal mass is amazing. The 2 built in blowers are frankly insufficent to move enough cool room air around this great unit. I have made several modifications after speaking to other users. The result is the unit easily heats my home to 70 degrees F while it is 10 degrees F outside. Keep ing mind I have vaulted ceilings and loads of glass. The blowers are reasonably quiet and adjustable in speed. However, as mentioned they alone are not strong enough. I have added extra blowers and modified the surround bracket as it blocks much of the airflow. I am happy to share all I learned with anyone and send pictures. I can be reached at

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i am sorry to hear all these negative comments on the stove i love so much. I purchased a 2010 clydesdale in late 09 and am THRILLED with it. it uses a fraction of the wood as anoter unit i had, the burn times are incredible, (10 hours routinely) it throws heat for hours after the fire is out. I keep my circulator fans from my central AC running and i am literally heating a 4000 sqft house with it. firebox is huge, window is huge, and output is tremendous. my wife and i are amazed at how well you can control the heat with the blower and air intake controls. my house happens to be an ideal setup (AC return at highest point in that room) so i wouldn't expect to heat a whole house without tranfer fans... however this stove is a MONSTER!!!! i would recommend it to anyone... especially the new model with the upgraded fan and door latch.

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The Clydesdale is a great insert! ( The new model ) I have heated my one story ranch home in Minnesota for 2 full winters when the temp is below 30 degrees. The colder it is the easier it is to use since it has so much output. The combustion air control lever is great and the fan spend control is great. Everything on this model was done the best. Fires always lite up easy and well. Glass stays real clean with good wood. Lots of room for bigger logs was the attraction for me along with being a cast product with the soap stone vs the Quada fire products which are sheet steel. Go with the enamel blue/black - easy to clean and stays looking nice and no one guesses that it contains any "blue". Glad to discuss more

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Sorry to hear of dissatisfaction - I bought the old model used and My wife and I love it! - Our House is 2300 sf. and the heat can be overpowering - with regular use we used 2 less tanks of oil last winter. (thats saving 500 Gal.s)
The large window itself throws off lots of heat.

I also researched the Hearthstone Clydesdale 1890 online before buying it used from and was concerned about the negative comments here and at - where there is some fantastic expertise. - But I couldn't resist - I installed it myself - 25' central chimney up center of house with S.S. smooth wall 5.5" liner (spec'd for 6")with the top 5' of liner insulated. - I was concerned about poor heat - so I build a Flu-blocker and a steal liner for the hearth and ran a 4" flex pipe from the ash dump down out the clean-out into the basement with an inline fan to push more air out around the insert. It throws off so much heat, I reversed the fan so it now sucks extra heat into out basement. We love it - if installed thoughtfully it will treat you well.

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Horrible insert, and the company who manufactures the insert moderates their forums so no true opinions are posted and those that are negative are simple deleted. I purchased one of these inserts and the one thing it does do well is burn wood, burn control is limited and either full burn or no burn, the blower is so loud you can hardly stand to run it and without the blower the insert is pretty much a room cooker. Don't waste your money on the screen with intent to burn the insert with the door open, might just as we'll save your money and keep your fireplace.The lower rim in to short causing ash to spill out every time you open the door to reload the support from local or manufacture. I would for other options and I'm glad I'm moving in a few years. I have a Lopi Revere insert I have been running in the basement for 12 years, while this is a smaller insert requiring wood to be cut n split a little finer, the stove performs perfectly with 12 hour run times, load it twice a day and forget about it.

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