2 sided brick fireplace upgrade

hharleyguySeptember 20, 2008

Would like ideas on upgrading a two sided fireplace. I don't know what to do with the top. It is about 6ft tall, retangular with the common wall making a V into it. I haven

't figured out how to upload a photo. I figure I can knock off about 4 brick layers of the top, put tile on all three sides but have no idea about the top or mantel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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A mantel is not necessary, unless you have your heart set on displaying certain favorite things on it. If your decor is modern/contemporary, you might consider doing without a mantel. Dress up the thing with a really nice surround. Almost any noncombustible can be used -- cast iron, tile, marble, slate, stone. Browse fireplace websites to get ideas.

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Thanks for your response Mr. Proud. I have been unable to find any good examples of what I have. I understand about not having a mantel, but what would I do for the top? Do I tile it the same as the 3 sides? If you like I can email you a few photos to help visualize my predicament.

again, thanks for your time

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You could go topless. Think of a picture frame that has just 3 sides -- right left and top. Just a 3-sided frame around the firebox and no mantel. The frame would have to be noncombustible and wide enough, say, 8 inches, for safety reasons. Or you could even go frameless, if you want to be really contemporary. Do a google search of modern fireplace. It will turn up lots of pictures that will help you visualize the possibilities. Most people have a fixed idea that a fireplace has to have a really dressed up look that becomes the big center of attention in the room. But you can tone it down -- and probably save yourself a lot of money, if you're receptive to the idea of keeping it not so imposing. Just make sure that the surround immediately around the firebox is a noncombustible material.

Try the google search for ideas. If more questions, come back here. Have fun. Good luck.

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