Has anyone used Mesquite Flooring

xterraFebruary 28, 2009

we are considering Mesquite flooring from Premium Mesquite in Austin Texas. It comes in different widths, and does not need to be stained, just several clear coats. They sent us a sample and it looks real nice. comes distressed. They are charging 4.50 sq. ft. thanks Gina

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I have a sample of a solid wood Mesquite flooring from a local store that I love but they only sold it in the solid form and I need engineered wood. Wish I could help more but that price sounds great and I heard it was a stable hard wood that is beautiful.

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One of the most beautiful floors you can get. Highly figured wood and very colorful. Dimensionally stable so you don't get a lot of movement during high and low humidity. Hard as a rock. Also environmentally friendly. I don't like any stain on wood floors in any circumstance, so that's not an issue, but certainly it would be crazy to stain this. It's just beautiful wood and I highly recommend it.

And you can use the leftover scraps in the barbeque grill. Don't discard anything.

lynn - I'm not sure why you "need" engineered wood.

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My home has no basement and the flooring beneath this carpet is cement. My home is built in the preserved wetlands and in the winter time it gets very dry in my home despite the humidifiers finally bringing the humidity from 17% humidity in the mid-30% humidity range. In the summer, it gets humid but with my new air conditioner, I can keep the humidity at around 40 to 48% so that is fine. To install a solid wood floor would make my ceiling look too low in my home office area and only look nice in the family room with the high ceiling.

Hence, I really should only get an engineered wood floor that I can float.

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The mesquite that premium mesquite offers is not a Texas Mesquite. We offer true Texas Mesquite in both solid and engineered as well as a 1/2' solid mesquite that can be glued directly to the slab. If anyone would like samples, please email. We are located in central Texas. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: allwoodtrading

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We have prefinished engineered Mesquite flooring in smooth and hand scraped finishes. We currently have approx 10,000 sf in stock, ready to be installed. When you factor the cost of a sand and finish job, buying the prefinished engineered Mesquite is a no brainer.
512 535 47472

Here is a link that might be useful: E D Bessey Lumber Products, LLC

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I have mesquite flooring in the living room, dinning room, kitchen, utility room entry and 2 halls. I LOVE the grain and color of the wood. The problem we have is finding a finish that works on it and people that know how to use it. We finally got an O.K. finish with Waterlox when we first put it down 13 years ago. That worked for several years. We needed to repair some scratches that had accumulated in the dinning area and were talked into using OSMO this time. So far, after two coats, I'm heart broken as it looks smeared, streaked and plain awful. We always go through a drama when we do anything to the floor as no one in our area knows how to use anything else besides polyurethane and that doesn't work well on mesquite. The floor is great but it seems to stump people when it comes to finishing.

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I'm getting recommendations for Waterlox and Dura Seal, but I think I may want a tung oil finish. I was told Dura Seal could be spot touched up like Waterlox, but I couldn't find that anywhere in the product info. That drama about no one knowing how to deal with mesquite is part of what I'm dealing with too. I'm hearing a lot of things about what kind of product and installation you can use. Most of the folks I'm talking to are in the Austin and San Antonio areas and I may have to pay one of them to come install it if we stay with that choice.

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Waterlox is a tung oil finish ... they just add a few other things to make it penetrate more than straight tung oil.

It installs just like any other tongue and groove floor, sands with a bit more difficulty, and then you just swab on a few coats of the penetrating sealer.

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I had mesquite in a condo applied on cement, and now am in a house and doing it again, love it, minimal care, ages well.

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