Superior Model B1238 - What does the Open lever do?

braytonakSeptember 6, 2007

I recently bought a home with a 25 year old Superior fireplace. It's a regular wood-burning unit. There's a sliding lever on the left side of the fireplace, behind the glass towards the bottom. It's a vertical lever with the label "Open" above it. I presume this is some kind of vent, such as to allow warm air to circulate around the back and sides.

Anyone else have something like this that can give a definitive answer on what it this lever is used for?

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Or does it mean opening the damper? That seems to make more sense, but it's only a guess.

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That sounds logical, doesn't it? The damper is actually opened by a lever directly above the fire. I guess the best thing to do is start a fire with the lever in the lowered position, which is where it already was, then pull it to the upper position. There *are* vent slots above and below the glass doors.

You know what they say about the simplest explanation being the most likely? ;-) This gives me good reason to clean the ashes out that I've been putting off.

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LOL. Well, open the door on it, turn the lever to "open", light a match and see if it blows the flame out and sucks the smoke upward. If it does, you know that "open" means to open the damper.

You don't want to build a fire with the damper closed or the smoke will come into the room. The way to build a fire is to open the damper, light the fire,and close the door but leave it open a crack to fan the fire. Once you get it going good, close the door. If you get a lot of smoke build-up, crack the door again. You usually have to get some hot coals before you can really close the door.

By the way-----you never know how well the last homeowner took care of this fireplace. It would be a good idea to have the flue inspected/cleaned before you use it so that you know the condition of it.

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