Cats and Leather Furniture Question, Please

trudymomMarch 30, 2009

I am in need of a new couch and am wanting a leather couch, but I have a cat. Do cats seem to want to scratch leather?

Thank you!

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They don't want to scratch it exactly but they will do so by jumping on and off of it. I have a couple of leather chairs with scratches. I manage to cover the scratches by using shoe polish.

Try to keep your cat's claws short by getting your vet to clip them every so often, of maybe you could do this yourself.

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Ditto what the PP said. Our cats have never clawed our leather but there are still tons of marks, mostly on the arms from the cats jumping on or off. Keeping the back claws clipped has helped a bit.

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I have seen cats absolutely destroy leather furniture in less then 24 hours after being introduced into the home. It depends on your particular cat. Some go after it, others do not. But if they decide to rip it up, they can ruin the piece.

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