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donnar57February 24, 2008

Has anyone ever added Benefiber (or similar product) to things they have cooked or baked?

I've added a little to my cooking, where I thought it would be appropriate. But I'm not sure what ratio I should use. The jar calls for 2 tsp as a serving (3g of fiber).

My husband isn't fond of "whole wheat" rolls, bread, or anything. So I have to resort to making the low-fat white breads and biscuits more fibrous by adding the wheat-dextrin based Benefiber to the baking and cooking.

The good news is that he's going to be changing shifts, and I should actually see him home for dinner 4 days a week (instead of 2). I think his boss is doing that to get DH back on track, frankly - citing company finances. (Yes, I have great respect for DH's boss - T. calls himself "a heart case waiting to happen" - but T. has taken steps to make sure he lives a heart-healthy lifestyle and has now a new project - one of his favorite workers. T came to see DH in the hospital, which I thought was VERY nice.)

Any help regarding the Benefiber, I would appreciate. (I already checked Benefiber's website, which only said "add it to your cooking and baking", but not HOW.)



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I checked Benefiber's web site and they had a large selection of recipes (see link below).

Personally, I avoid commercial fiber products and use a large selection of foods for fiber, including flaxmeal (I mill it in a coffee/spice mill at home), chia seeds, coconut flour, whole grains, unsweetened coconut, fruit of all kinds, nuts, beans and bean flour, vegetables, etc.

Fiber isn't one thing like bran or oats - it's pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin (lots of that in flaxmeal), gums and mucilages, and you get those from a variety of foods.

I add flaxmeal to almost everything I bake, which is an easy way to increase the fiber. I also prefer WHITE WHEAT to mill into flour because it is less bitter and easier to use with whole wheat haters. King Arthur has a white wheat flour product, but I mill my own.


Here is a link that might be useful: Benefiber Recipes

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