Correct direction to lay wooden floor?

tonyp_06February 10, 2007

Im renovating my apt and its getting time to install the wood floors. I went with engineered mirage floors for my little 1bd. My question is are there standard ways you are supposed to lay down the floors? Ive always thought that the direction the floors should be laid down in is the same direction as the longest side of the room which makes it look bigger? Any thoughts.

My problem is what to do with the kitchen and little hallway space i have between the bath & bedroom. This areas would require me to lay the floor vertical vs horizontal in the floorplan below.

My little 1bd floorplan

Should these planks also be laid in the same way as the rest of the wood in the living room and bedroom(left-right) which might look a bit odd as the number of planks would be a lot more and maybe a little distractin although it would be consistent with the rest of the wood


do i lay them (top-bottom) in which case they follow the longest edge of the wall but are different to the direction of the other wood. Will it look odd where they join meetup with the other wood?


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Are you on a slab or do you have plywood and floor joist underneath? If you have joist the flooring is run perpendicular or diagonal to the joist unless you have at least a 1" thick substrate.

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Anyone have a straight answer. I kno its a silly question.

Im on top of plywood btw

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Looking at your floorplan, I would lay the floors where they run from the kitchen to the balcony and from the bath to the bedroom window. (All the same direction) Chances are you are not going to have to worry about the direction of your joists if you are doing a glue down or floating installation. Straight answer. Just my $.02

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Our wood floors were laid perpendicular to the joists. So, if the joists run the length of the room (as ours do) the wood would be laid across the room (as ours was).

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tonyp_06, You asked for "correct direction". Install the flooring perpendicular to the joist or diagonal, unless you want to beef up the subfloor to install parallel with the joist. If it's floating you can install any direction you prefer.

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