Kempas Darkening

kingkoopaFebruary 15, 2013

We recently purchased a property and are trying to match the hardwood floors in another room. The floors that were there are "Hawa Kempas", so that's what we ordered. After a month of backorder, they finally came in. Unfortunately, they do not look anything like what is already down. I've talked to some people and did some researching online; it looks like the kempas will darken over time, but I find it hard to believe the floors will darken this much. If you look at the photo, the bottom floors are covered in a lot of dust.

Has anyone had experience with kempas floors darkening?

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Quite a difference eh? This is common with many hardwoods particularly exotics. The best way to approach is create a transition area (header boards) between rooms so it almost looks like two different hardwoods.

Or..if you have a lot of space and time the new can be placed in direct sunlight for a few days. Driveway? I know it's a lot of work and has to be brought in every night (dew) but it's a suggestion.

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Kingkoopa, any pictures of your new installed floor and how dark it has become? I am thinking of Kempas I am feeling there will be more red boards than Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany and it will not get as dark but seeing your pictures is making me wonder if I am wrong.

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