replacing our living room carpet

phrogFebruary 3, 2013

We're doing some remodeling and should probably replace our old carpet. Two questions:

1. I think that many years ago, wool was considered the best carpeting. Is it much more expensive than synthetic products? How does something like Smartstrand compare in terms of durability?

2. Eventually -- maybe in 8 years or so -- we'll sell the house. Is carpet an unfashionable choice for flooring these days. I personally like the comfort of it, but I may not be the typical homeowner of 2013.

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"Is carpet an unfashionable choice for flooring these days?"

Well there you have it! What is be fashionable today may be passe tomorrow. But why do you care? Get the flooring you are comfortable with and let the next owners put in what they want.

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1. If you are going for durability, you will be extremely hard-pressed to find a carpet as durable AND soft as SmartStrand. The Triexta fiber has the stain resistance engineered in so that it never fades or wears off. They put it inside a Rhino enclosure in a zoo and it still cleaned up amazing and retained it's structure.

2. I do agree with glennsfc, go with what feel's right for you. As long you picked a durable product that will look good in 8 years (ie SmartStrand) your home will still make the impression you want come sale time!

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I checked out the Smartstrand carpets at Lowe's, and the top of the line in a medium pile was Lucky Star at $3.82 with SS pad. He mentioned additional costs and limitations that I didn't fully absorb in a quick conversation.

My next step is to check the independent carpet stores. Assuming their best SS costs more, is it also a better carpet or the same thing as Lucky Star under another name and marked up more?

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