Heatilator Fireplace - how does it work / is it efficient?

mdeleonSeptember 18, 2006

The fireplace that we are getting is a gas novus 36" heatilator. Are these actually good for heating up a room or are they purely decorative? Also, does running the fireplace just shoot up your gas bill?

Thanks - never had a fireplace before so I have tons of questions!


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the novus series is there decrotive line, the caliber series is there heater listed line, the NXT series is there heater rated line.
The novus will take the chill of the room., but it is known as a "builder box" there fairly inexpensive, but not the least expensive. Its a far better unit then any b vent fireplace on the market, and looks decent for the money. IF you wanted somting a little better and more efficient, i would look at there sister companies units, like the quadrafire qv36 or the qv36a. Dont bother with the fan on the novus series, it will usally be a dissapointment. The novus is typically installed in track homes and custom home bedrooms where heat isnt the main priority.

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Well, the townhome is getting built and that is what the builder is putting in there, would it be a problem down the line to have the unit replaced or is that going to require taking down all the cultured stone and costing LOTS of money? I wouldn't mind though if it was simply a plug'n play type of deal where you could take out the old firebox and put in a new one.


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No, its not easy to change them out. Sometimes the builders bring the stone over the edge of the fireplace.And thats a nighmare. But even if he didnt rarley are fireplaces the same dimension, you will not find something esle to fit in the hole perfeclty. Direct vent fireplaces use propritory pipe, if you changed brands the venting has to be changed as well. Its MUCH easier at this point to get what you want. I would say it would be worth going down to a heatilator dealer and looking at the Novus. Its a nice fireplace for what it is,, but its along way from being that efficient. If you do this later it will cost you some big bucks. What made you pick the novus? and did you have a choice?

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