Mark the calendar for when?

jamie_mtApril 21, 2004

I just mailed a credit report dispute letter yesterday. I know that they have 30 days from the time they recieve the letter to investigate the disputed items, and then they will get back to me in writing. There are a lot of items in the letter for dispute - all related to the fact that they have added my father's information to *my* report, including his birthdate, soc. security #, address, employment, etc (I'm named after him, so our names are very similar - can't wait to get married and get a new name this fall! LOL). I'm thinking that if they just get the personal info right, then the rest will resolve itself (because all the disputed items are in his name or his and my mom's name only - mine isn't on those accounts at all), but I still added all accounts that were his to the disputed list, and asked that all of them be removed from *my* report.

So I'm figuring 2 weeks for them to get the letter (MT to TX), then 30 days after that for the investigation. Should I add an extra 2 weeks to the end of that before I check back with them, for time for them to mail a reply back to me? I just want to make sure I give them *enough* time, but don't wait too long if I don't hear from them, you know? We're applying for a mortgage loan soon, and I included a copy of the dispute letter with our loan application, but I don't want to just "forget about it" in a couple months if I haven't heard back.

Anyone think I need to give them more or less time than that?

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30 calendar days, or 30 business days?

I think I'd call them 35 days after you mail the letter.

Or, call them 4 days after you mail the letter to confirm delivery, and ask when the clock starts ticking.

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