extending chiminy stack

mdmcSeptember 18, 2005

I am new to this board so please forgive me if this has been asked before. We are doing a remodel to our home. The roof on the back of our roof is flat (where the fireplace is located)Since this can create problems with water we have decided to pitch the roof to match the rest of the house. The city says if we do this our stack will not be high enough so we need to extend it. The chiminey is brick now but we plan to cover it with stucco when we restucko the rest of the house. My question is how can we extend the stack? Is there an extender of somekind we can buy to put on top of the origional stack before we call the stucco guy. If so where would one go to buy it? Is it something my husband could do himself? And is it expensive? We are already spending so much money we really need to keep expenses down as much as possible. Thanks for your help.

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Is this a masonry fireplace or a zero-clearance pre-fab?

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Thanks for the reply. It is a masonary fireplace.

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Call a mason. It aint gonna be cheap.

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Thanks. Is there a piece taht we could buy to put on top to extend the stack and then stucco over the entire chimney? As I said in my origional post we will be putting stucco in the entire chimney so it does not have to be done in brick.

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It needs to be built up exactly the same way that it is right now-just higher. So I guess my answer is NO.

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You may be able to extend your chimney with the addition of a section of rated steel flue. Your contractor or your city planning department should be able to advise you. Most building codes now require fireplace chimneys to extend up high enough to terminate at least two feet above any roof or building extremity within ten feet.

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"Jamesk writes:
You may be able to extend your chimney with the addition of a section of rated steel flue."

This is a masonry fireplace we are talking about. Not a pre-fab that additional chimney pipe could be added to. The chimney must be extended just like it is currently. Anything else would not only look "ghetto", but will not be according to code and will not draw properly. There is no quick and cheap fix to this regardless of what you may have seen lazy people do. And I'm pretty sure I have seen it all. We have actually seen someone use a bucket (without the bottom) that people have "used" as a section of "chimney pipe". Of course, it doesn't even remotely meet code, looks like hillbillies live there and is downright dangerous. I am just amazed at what people will not only do, but advise others to do as well just because it hasn't killed anyone or burned the house down yet, but it WILL eventually.

There is no substitute. It needs to be done correctly the first time and according to code.

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Thanks Jamesk..We would never do anything that is not to code or that would endanger our family. We would also not do anything that would look hillbilly or "ghetto". This remodel is being done to fix alot of things the origional owners DID NOT do right the first time. We will of course get a professional opinion and will make sure whatever we do is up to code. I was hoping to get some info from some professionals or others on this board who may have done this kind of repair in the past. I believe the structional engineer who looked at the plans the arcitect drew up said we could install a box or extension of some sort. Agian I was only looking for input from someone who had possibly had the same problem. Thanks again.

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I believe what you are looiing for is called a chimney pot. It is a decorative yet functional clay externder that gets mortared to the exisitng clay flue. It will add approx 2-3 feet of height to the existing flue and increase draw.


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Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

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I didn't suggest just sticking a piece of pipe on the chimney top. You'll also note I suggested consulting with the local planning department.

Mdmc indicated that they would probably be surrounding the new taller chimney with a stucco enclosure. In these situations, masonry chimneys are often replaced with rated and insulated steel flues. There's nothing illegal (at least in most locations) or unsafe if the new flue is properly rated and installed. With a new stucco surround, the renovated chimney should be quite handsome -- and perfectly safe.


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I was just doing a search on extending a chimney and came upon this site. I talked with a few chimney people and some have said it is possible to install a double walled stainless extension. I have 2 chimneys side by side that are terra cotta lined surrounded by cement block. I have thought about doing the block work and more terra cotta, but the Stainless would be quicker and possibly better. The Chimney pots are basically the same idea as the Stainless, but are made of Terra Cotta and probably quite expensive..

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