Aspen trees for wood burning?

booboo60August 30, 2008

Has anyone had any experience burning aspen in a wood stove? It is plentiful where we live and have heard some people say it is a good burning wood.

I never see it advertised however. Any ideas?

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When I was a kid we burned aspen pretty much exclusively because that is what was available where we lived (northern Minnesota). It burns fine but has a lower btu output than other hardwoods (and probably some softwoods). You should pay a lot less for it than for something like oak.

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As long as it's dry it burns very well. In New England we burn 'popple', (quaint folk name for poplar, aspen, etc) during the fall and spring. It burns hot and fast and is often enough to just take the chill out of the air without getting the house too hot. But, I wouldn't want to only have that in the dead of winter unless you like to babysit your stove and feed it every two hours.

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Get some Hedge or Osage Orange and try that after burning Aspen for awhile. My parents have a wood furnace and burn hedge through the dead of winter and it is like burning coal, I don't think there is anything better for the cold of winter.

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