Beach house flooring ideas

jejvtrFebruary 19, 2011

-Looking for low cost, low maintenance flooring for an up coming project at our beach home in Me -

- I've ruled out tile, laminate, hardwood, linoleum - for various reasons

This will not be high end - and we feel fortunate that we can tear down an existing outbuilding to re-build.

Someone just gave me the idea of a paint grade ply & paint - for living area & bedrooms

Will tile bathroom

Looking for opinions


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Paint...good, long-lasting and inexpensive. Can be decorated anyway you might want, is easily renewed, but you knew most of that already...yes?

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Ply would work. I wanted something a little more traditional looking so...

I used decking boards on my beach place in ME. They were $5+ each for 4/4 by 6" by 16' boards. "Four quarter" is roughly 1" thick. Not a typical "one-by-" that's actually 3/4" thick. Rough sawn. A little too rough for bare feet, so I ran the show side through a planer (or they could be lightly belt sanded, say 80 grit), then primed and painted.

They do have S4S (sanded or smooth and planed/jointed on all four sides of the board) 1" by 6" but they're probably $10-$12. An S4S 1" by 6" will be 3/4" thick.

"Decking boards" is not "deck" like a backyard deck. But "deck" as in roof sheathing. How's that for New England Nomenclature.

Or depending on which route you want to go, just ask if they have rough-sawn or S4S one-by-sixes, 16' long.

Or just use plywood! lol

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