how to add diect vent heater to fireplace

handytravisAugust 5, 2007

I am wanting to install a direct vent oil fired heater into my fireplace, However I am not sure how to go about it. I will need to drill a 3" hole through the firebox and brick for the exhast/intake tube and a 3/8" hole for the oil supply line. this is for a laser 60AT toyostove and the instructions say that the wall or whatever you drill through for the exhaust/intact can't be any thicker than 9". I was planning on pushing the heater back into the firebox if I have enough clearance for the unit. I first have to remove the fireplace insert and check but I believe I have enough clearance. My house was built in the early 70's and the fireplace's brick chimney sits directly on the foundations pured concrete walls. I don't plan on using the fireplace anymore as it doesn't draft very well to begain with. The questions I have are

1. has anyone attemted this type of install before?

2. Approximatly how thick will the side or the back of this fireplace be?

3. What type of drill or rotory hammer can I use with a 2-3/4" to 3" core drill bit.

4. will I have to remove the fire brick or can I drill through it.

I live in bush Alaska and there is no code requirments or building permits required, just want to stay warmer in this drafty house this winter. thanks for you idea's/help

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The back or side of a masonry fireplace is usually about 12" thick or more where the back is sloping toward the room.
Does it make sense or is it possible to run the direct vent up the existing flue & terminate it at the old top of chimney?
I would try to get in touch with the manufacturer or the place you're buying the stove from & talk to them about your situation.

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