Doorway Fans-Do they work??

sonny300August 27, 2007

Anyone out there tried using doorway fans to circulate heat? If so, how well do they distribute heat from one room to another?? Thanks in advance.

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They work nicely.
You mount them high so they move the warm air. But will they actually heat other rooms? No. They just move the warm air away from the stove. I have one in my home and it's the best $30 I've spent.

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Thanks Chris:

Actually I am going to mount one at the top of the doorway opposite wall from the fireplace (bout 12 feet away). That doorway leads to a second level wide staircase the top of that stairway is a ceiling fan. which helps to push air up to the 3rd level. What I`m trying to do is move the warm air out of the rec-room which only has 7.6 ceiling and get it moving up the stairs where the ceiling fan in the entrance way will help to circulate it so we get some benefit in the living room on the third level. I have found that in previous winters if I turn the boiler on and heat the whole house, then the fireplace will help to maintain the heat upstairs without the boiler coming on for at least 4 hours. Hoping the doorway fan will make the entire process a little more efficient. Maybe??

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I know a guy that has his stove on a lower level of his home and wanted to also move the warm air upward. He simply bought a couple brass floor grates and installed them. The hot air from the stove warmed the living area nicely just with those floor grates.

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what is a doorway

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try this....

Here is a link that might be useful: fan

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Thanks Chris:

The better half (wife) says there will be no cutting holes in our hardwood floors. Sadly, then the floor grates are out, that, by-the-way was my first plan until it got vetoed. The doorway fan is only 25 bucks so its worth a try. It should at least get the hot air moving out of the rec room and aiming towards the stairs. And there is a fan on the fireplace itself. Thanks for your input.

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I use one and it helps to move some of the heat from the woodstove to the rest of the house. I'm going to add a second one and see what happens.

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