HW FLooring in spare half bath

andrelaplume2February 17, 2011

The wood guys convinced us to extend the hw oak flooring we had installed on our first floor into a little half bath there. The installer removed the toilet and installed flooring underneath it and used a new wax gasket. A few years later and my wife notices black marks around the base of one side of the toilet. Its dry. I am wondering if the wood is stained from a leak...but it never seams wet. Could it be the toilet sweats? Could this be mold? Should I get some diluted bleach and try to wipe it away or could that harm the wood more so? Thoughts?

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Its rare that you can install hardwood under an existing toilet and just get by with a wax ring. Usually the hardwood extends past the flange to where you need to install an extender to bring it even with the floor and then use a wax ring. You may have a very small leak because the wax ring is not compressed enough to do its job correctly. The extenders can be bought at L. and HD and are a simple project.

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I'll get my plumber in then and mention the extender...probably should not have let the floor guy install the toilet to begin with I guess....each trade has their own expertise.

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