Stairway Bull Nose - Floating Floor vs Nail Down?

KerryLFebruary 5, 2013


We are renovating a room on a slab (6" to 30" below grade) and want to do hardwood flooring. We're thinking an engineered product will be best, but we aren't sure whether to do a snap-together floating floor or a nail-down floor. We'd definitely save some cash doing the floating floor, because we wouldn't have to screw plywood to the slab, but we aren't sure how to handle a stairway entrance in the middle of the room.

The stairwell leading to the basement is in the room we're renovating (there is notch cut out of the slab, maybe 6' into the room and 3' wide). We'll have to do some kind of bull nose there. I've seen pictures of bull nosing that would snap into a floating floor, but would it snap in on all three sides of the stairwell? Will it hold up? I think this issue would be easier to solve with the screwed-down plywood method, but if anyone has experience with floating floors and bull nosing at a stairwell, we'd love to here it!



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Generally floating floors have moldings that fasten to the subfloor and lip over the edge of the floor leaving expansion space. There's no way they could snap on to the flooring since you'd have to meet with full length and width boards. Another option is to glue something down around the perimeter of the stair opening in the same thickness as the foam underlayment and glue down nosing and the flooring but there would be a risk that the floor could buckle due to lack of expansion space.

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