RSF Delta Fireplace

xyte21August 30, 2010

Anyone have the Delta Fireplace? It has the bay window - just wondering if you are happy with it. We plan on putting it in a new build country home and having it plumbed into the duct work of the basement. Also wondering how you may have decorated the exterior of the fireplace.

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I own an Opel2 fireplace by RSF. I am happy with the Opel2,.. except for,.... the !$%&* blower!

The blower keeps breaking! This will be the third time I have had to remove and repair or replace it. Each time it costs between $250 to $300, plus tax! Not to mention the time it takes each time. The factory warranty is 30 years (prorated) on the fireplace, but only 1 year on electrical parts, including blowers!

I have owned the RSF fireplace and blower for four heating seasons. I burn a lot of wood. During the heating season my fireplace runs about 16 hours per day.

I was told, when I was buying it, that the blower unit is expected to last for 15 years or more, just like a furnace blower. As it turns out, NOT AT ALL the case! The problem is that the motor that runs the blower is of poor quality. It is surprising to me, because it is made by a Germany company. The exact problem is that the armature is glued onto the main shaft, and the glue does not stand up to the heat and torque that this unit must undergo.

Without the blower the amount of heat that comes off of the fireplace unit is massively cut. Late last season, when it failed again, I limped throught to the end of the burning season by turning a floor fan onto the face of the fireplace. This was ugly, in-efficient, noisey,.. but cheap.

Now, the heating season is upon me again, and I have to spend upwards of $300, plus tax,.. again!

If I had it to do all over again, (I built my home from scratch) I would only consider a free standing old style stove, on a nice stone footing, with a natural brick back wall. A friend has exactly this set-up, and his unit burns less wood, produces more heat, and his ceiling fan quietly and efficiently circulates the air!

If it's not too late, reconsider the fireplace insert. If you buy an RSF wood burner, put their tech support number on your speed dial. 450-565-6336, International calling charges apply to Quebec, Canada. Dan, the guy who is their tech support man, is friendly, honest, and straight forward. I just wish he had better answers for my blower problems!

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Thanks for the RSF blower update. It's too late - we have ordered the delta with blower. Hope it all works out. We are a little worried because we are putting in this big fireplace - will look great I'm sure. But, for 10 years we have had a regency wood burning stove that heats our 1100 sq ft home no problem. Efficent and burns well. We chose the delta fireplace because our new build is 2400sq ft and that much again of basement. It's get's cold where we live so hope the Delta keeps us warm!!

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Hi - xyte21 - did you get the fireplace, any thoughts. I am thinking of getting this one too.


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Just got the Delta fireplace installed today - what a beauty. Had our test fire tonight and it was a success. Beautiful flame and the 3 windows look amazing. Can't wait until the stone and finishing touches go on.

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xyte21 - How do the stone finishes look? What did you do? We want to install this fireplace, but think the space between the fireplace and the upper louvers is very ugly as well as the upper louvers themselves. Just wondering how easy it is to make the area above the fireplace look nice.

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Purchased the delta2 with the optional 3 zone option with remote thermostat.It heats the whole house evenly. So far it seems to be a great product.

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