Need: A way to heat large bathroom for tub-soaking

arlenebAugust 21, 2007

My dilemma: My bathroom is large enough that it's hard to get it warm enough to enjoy the soaking tub. I'm hoping to correct that in my new house. The soaking tub area will have an end wall available for some sort of heating device. I'm assuming it can't be electric, because it's reachable from the tub. I've looked for some sort of small wall "fireplace" but can't find anything small. If it goes in that spot, it needs to look good.

Any ideas? I may be forced to do the toe-kick heaters but would love to find something really glam to put near the tub!!

Any ideas for me?

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I have a gas fireplace at my tub. It does a great job of heating the room. Be sure it has a fan. The brand I have is a Heatalator and it is in a corner. The best thing to do is take your blurprint to a fireplace supplier and talk with them.

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Have you looked at the FXP Bed & Breakfast units? They are more vertical than horizontal and offer many finish styles. We have a FXP wood burner in our house, and the fit and finish on the units is excellent, as is the performance. They are not cheap, but IMO offer a good value. I don't have any experience with the gas units tho.

Good luck-


Here is a link that might be useful: FXP B&B series

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Sandy, I posted this before but it seems not to have made it to the board . . . Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for -- and there's a dealership within 30 minutes of here, so I can go look and price! Appreciate the information!

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I'll throw this into the mix. How about electric radiant heat in the floor. It installs easily under ceramic tile & is fully UL rated for damp locations.

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It sounds as though you aren't getting adequate heat from your central heating system. There are a lot of things that could cause that depending on the kind of heat you have. I'd check that out first before going on to anything more costly.

If everything is working properly, that implies that the design for heating the bathroom is undersized. It might be possible to add another heating register or increase the size of the hot water baseboard heat to give you adequate heat to the bathroom, for example.

Seattle Pioneer

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