Heat-n-glo or Mendota Fireplace Inserts

chashaAugust 20, 2005

We are remodeling and installing two pretty large fireplace inserts. We were looking at two different dealers who sell two different types. Price is approximately the same.

Has anyone had any experience with the Heat-n-glo Gas (LP) 40,000BTU Insert or the Mendota 40,000 BTU Insert.

Any info/opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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OK...one additional piece of information. The Fireplace I am looking to install is the Heat-N-glo FB GRand.. I like it because it has Fire brick and does not need a blower (although-I do plan on getting one).

Ok.. sorry .. forgot to add that piece of info.

Thanks again for any info. If you detest the Heat-N-glo or the Mendota, please tell me what you found to be the best. It has to be large as my fireplaces are 44"W X 33"H.

Thank you

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I'm not sure where you got the idea that the inserts had to be large just because you have two large fireplaces. The inserts can be any size, they just can't exceed your fireplace dimensions for obvious reasons. The insert manufacturers sell the matching surrounds for most size openings. That's the only physical size you need to consider-the surround size.

No gas inserts require a blower. Some come already installed and with some it's an option.

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Ok.. thanks for the info.. I understand that I don't need a large insert.. But, I like the biggest view of the fire that an insert can accommodate.

Also.. that doesn't answer my question. Heat-N-glo or Mendota?
Thank you for the help!

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I guess the point of my post was to let you know that you have so many more options rather than narrowing it down to just these two.

I personally would go with neither.

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So,,,, what would you recommend? - I am also in the market for a gas insert and have been looking at a mendota and an avalon - mendota seems to carry a better warranty on the unit (apparently they use alumanized steel and avalon doesn't) but I think I prefer the log set in the avalon (rosario DVS) Is there another manufacturer I should consider?

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When you are saying the Mendota logs seem too small for the firebox - which size are you referring to? We have someone coming out today to see if we can use the DXV 45. If not - i am not sure i will be happy with the specifications of the 42, 2 burner. May need to check out another brand.

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Boy, talk about a thread coming back from the dead!

If you are still looking, Msmico, the mendota 42 and 45 take the same log sets. It falls a couple inches short of the ends of the firebox on each side, which seems to bother a lot of people. Once its installed and burning in your home, I doubt anyone would really notice.

I'm leaning towards Mendota just because their burners are more controlable: you can actually turn them way down, whereas on most gas FPs, turn them dosen't use less gas, it just dumps heat outdoors, not a good choice environmentally or economically, IMO.

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I am looking for a heat & glo fireplace to purchase at wholesale. I am an HVAC master gas fitter and need to purchase 2 direct vent fireplaces
It seems that purchasing these at retail prices are the only thing I can find , NO DEALS TO BE HAD.....just can't find a reasonable deal. ANYONE KNOW WHERE OR HOW TO PURCHASE THESE AT WHOLESALE????

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