New Fireplace Insert Install - Help!!!

rpr13August 23, 2011

I am replacing my existing sealed fireplace insert (Superior) with a new one (Majestic). I am also replacing the flue pipe as the Majestic pipe is much larger than the Superior.

They are both listed as 42" models. However, the new Majestic is actually close to 1 inch wider. I really do not want to mess with my simulated stone facing...I heard they do not cut or "shave " well.

So the question is...will I have problems if I simply have about 1/3" of my simulated stone extending over the edge of the fireplace insert?

I had one contractor tell me yes it will be a problem, as a lot of heat will be absorbed by this lip and irradiated throughout the surround.

I had another contractor tell me no, the simulated stone is fireproof and does not absorb much heat. I'm hoping this guy was right.

I'm not looking for purist advice (I know this will be less than perfect), just some pragmatic feedback on real world implications as it will be extremely costly to recontour my existing simulkated stone facing (we are planning to replace the insert through the wall behind the front of the fireplace...leaving the stone intact other than the need for some mortar around the edges where it meets the insert).

Need quick help...the work is scheduled to be done any day now!

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