How to get new big couch through small doorways

3kidsonedogandusMarch 6, 2013

I am about to purchase a couch to go in my family room at the BACK of the house. whose measurements are Overall: W86" D40" H36".

My FRONT door is W33" H83". All other interior doors are no wider than 32" and no taller than 79". Unless I am missing something, I don't think getting it through the front door is going to be possible.

If the couch were to come in through the back, the only access into the family room is a sliding glass patio door. Again, the height of that door is 79" and the width, if I remove the door that can slide, is 33".

My ultimate question now is - Is it possible to remove the center "pole" in between the stationary door and the sliding door. If that is possible, then that would be ideal because then I can actually purchase the couch that I desperately want.

If there is anyone out there with experience moving larger furniture through small openings and especially through sliding glass door openings, I'd love to hear from you!

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The feet on most large furniture can be removed for just this reason. If you have feet that are 3 inches or more tall and removeable, you may be just fine.

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Are the back cushions removeable?

What type of pole is between the glass panels. I have never heard of this. Most glass panels are easy to remove. Often times you have to unscrew a strip across the top of the panels and then lift the glass up and out.

You might call a glass company if you are uncertain yourself.

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Sounds like you should select a different couch!

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