Quicken Home Inventory Software - anyone use it?

liz_hApril 22, 2009

I'm a sucker for a deal. When I went to upgrade my Quicken 2006 software to the 2009 version, I was offered the home inventory software for $10. I have a few days yet before I need to upgrade, so I'm considering this purchase. Does anyone use it? What advantage does this have over simply listing items in Excel? I'm told that one can include photos in Excel, though I've never done it.

Now comes the $64 question. If I get this, will I take the time to enter everything & keep it up? :') (tongue in cheek)

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My Quicken deluxe has the home inventory already in the program. If you cannot find it, email me and I will tell you where it is on my computer.

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I purchased Q home inventory prob a year ago worked with it probably two times and gave up.. the program is so bare bones, so elementary. I couldn't believe it. You will have to jump through ten hoops to accomplish what you should in 2. I could not believe the Quicken put out such an inferer product

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Well, I'm glad I didn't spend the $10 then! The last thing I need is more aggravation.

Marie - Thanks. I have the Quicken "Premier", not Deluxe.

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